The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 14 Release date, watch online and preview

After conquering the Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance and the Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance, Simpsons are back this year with an outstanding performance.

It’s well said that Simpsons never get old, and this year they are continuing season 32 with executive producer James L. Brooks praising the staff for starting to work from their home in early March 2020, before California’s stay-at-home order was published. . In an interview with The Hollywood Anchor in late March 2020, showrunner Al Jean stated, “The production hasn’t jumped a day or lost a beat.” At the time, seven episodes for the season; Including the Treehouse of Horror episode, had been developed earlier and they had started collecting the other twenty-two.

The Simpson 32nd Season Episode 14 Release Date!

The Simpsons 32nd Season.

Jean also stated that ‘we are a bit ahead of where we normally are. The series had a committee at San Diego Comic-Con 2020, traded as “Comic-Con @ Home,” to promote the season, with Jean, Matt Selman, Carolyn Omine, David Silverman and Mike B. Anderson on the panel, in the committee, with a fixed series of Yeardley Smith acting as moderators.

2021 Simpsons production

The 2021 production of Simpsons released the 11th episode of the 32nd season. The episode is called “The Dad-Feels Limited,” and is about the Comic Book Guy and his partner Kumiko and the Simpsons family are the heroes of two stories. On the one hand, the couple is enjoying their Sunday together as they ignore the registrations in Android’s Dungeon of the Family for donations for the birthday parties they are going to be checking.

Homer and Marge barely survived to finish the day after spending so much time among the kids and picked up the wrong kid when choosing Bart, and picked up Keland Huebner III, a child who looks like him. They took the kids home and tricked Ned into babysitting them while they disappeared for a trivia night at Moe’s. In the trivia, they join the Comic Book Guy and Kumiko team and win. After a disorderly dinner with their husbands, Marge summons Kumiko to her home, where she gives her recommendation for dealing with the Comic Book Guy lifestyle. When Maggie starts to cry, she asks her to take care of her while she has the bottle fed.

The Simpson 32nd Season Episode 14 Release Date!

Kumiko is not confidential about dealing with babies. However, after presenting her the doll that slipped out of the crib, she moves on and sings a Japanese lullaby, which makes her happy. Marge indicates that she is a natural. Kumiko makes a decision: to ask her husband to have a baby with her. However, after blowing his life around kids in the Android’s Dungeon, he says he doesn’t want one.

Forever’s Graveyard

In the evening, Marge notes how much conditions have changed Kumiko on her Instasnap posts, and Homer presents to help them “ruin their gay life without kids around the house.” It’s movie night at the Springfield Forever Graveyard and Homer promises Bart and Lisa gift cards when they tell Comic Book Guy and Kumiko how good they are. The film presented is Forward to the Past. However, Comic Book Guy gets offended when Bart and Lisa start the following things on their phones, much to Kumiko’s frustration.

Homer and Marge practice in a platinum grave, where they start to kiss but get lost in the crypt. In the movie, Bart and Lisa explain how much they enjoyed the ending of the movie, which fills Comic Book Guy’s heart. However, when they explore Homer and Marge, the kids get scared by trying to open the crypt door, pretending to be zombies trying to open it, and Comic Book Guy runs off after he combed for support from him.

The Simpson 32nd Season Episode 14 Release Date!

Homer and Marge are delivered by Raphael, and they reunite, while Kumiko informs them that Comic Book Guy has run to a place where there is no desire. He is determined to return to his childhood home where his father, Postage Stamp Fellowllow Postage Stamp Fellow, lives. Kumiko angrily persuades Homer and Marge to bring Comic Book Guy back, so they go to his house, where the story of his childhood is told.

He lived surrounded by childless family characteristics who spent their time collecting things, preferably loving him. Marge tries to influence him to go back. However, Comic Book Guy says he will be home alone from now on.

The Comic Book Guy

Marge takes a sketched picture of Comic Book Guy on a baseball team. The story tells how he turned to baseball. However, the team never played the big game continuously, with the other pitchers getting injured. He was called out to the field.

However, his father failed to see his achievement and he failed in his attacks, with his teammates throwing him in the trash can. Many comics were thrown in the trash and that’s how he started his enthusiasm and became a Comic Book Guy. Marge defies his father about his lack of affection for his son.

The Simpson 32nd Season Episode 14 Release Date!

Marge urges him to lick one of his unique stamps. Postage Stamp Fellow reveals he bought a baseball employed by Sandy Koufax because if he lost he wouldn’t know how to comfort him, so he bought him the collectible.
The two adjust and play a game with the wrapped ball, and the adventure changed him enough, so he returned home, able to have a baby.

Episode 12: Diary Queen

Ned Flanders has a garage sale and Springfield’s personalities sing their way into his house. Lots of people buy his stuff. However, he then dominates Carl and Lenny and starts smashing the stuff they bought. Ned gets angry when he sees that and that he only took $ 27 off the sale. Milhouse and Bart buy many of his novels and use them to bounce Bart over. But sitting on a block after failing to record his antics, he picks up a barely burnt diary, which he wins as Edna Krabappel.

The Simpson 32nd Season Episode 14 Release Date!

He tries to force it into the river before retreating because they accidentally catch the Springfield Mafia dropping a body in it.
They start reading the diary at Bart’s treehouse and determine where Chalmers operates his car keys and steals his car. Using the teacher’s lounge code, he opens the room to see what they are doing there and does a secondary job as a call center.
At Our Lady of Springfield Church, Bart discovers she believed he had potential, believing he was working as the president’s chair tester, so Bart starts treating around the school getting an “A” from one test.


At dinner they rejoice with a cake. Lisa and Marge, however, try to find out how he cheated, and Lisa finds out that the diary in the treehouse, discovering the emotions she wrote about, was not for Bart. But her cat. She decides to lie to Bart, worries and hobbles about it. Bart also cures Willie by giving him a pet rabbit. Lisa is prescribed some Xanax. Bart is remembered for his accomplishments at the Improvement Day awards ceremony, which led to his participation in the Spelling Bee. But before he humbles himself, Lisa brings him the truth.

Marge tries to comfort him at the tree house, but is unsuccessful. However, Ned comes up at night and describes to him that they once thought they would leave town. But they didn’t. They had a family gathering to vote, and Edna decided to stay to help guys like Bart who want her, who want to understand the good that is locked in them, and who are striving to move. Bart presents Ned the diary back, and he understands one passage in it, by saying her feelings about their time collectively, turning her life into a living fantasy. A montage of the photos in the diary is then displayed in her memory.

Episode 13: Wad Goals

Ralph leads a parade in the city center. However, it is just his fantasy. Mr. Rum-Ta-Tum, a flying bear, leads him into a bush where he finds a mystery, a large playground. On the last day of school, he directs the other children to discover the secrets behind it. They start by hiding in it with their backs to the street.

They are creating a large golf club in the center of the city. Milhouse and Bart discover that Jimbo is arranging money by acting as a caddy for Dr. Hibbert, so they ask Raphael to work as a caddy too. Bart becomes attached to Kent Brockman, while Milhouse becomes attached to Mr. Burns becomes attached.
Bart starts to succeed Kent; While Milhouse is doing poorly, Burns scares his shot and presents him with a mile miss. Bart keeps running and collects a lot of money, more than his father; That’s like he has money without motionless dryer sheets.

Marge takes Maggie to see him operate and sees the transformation in him, where he gobbles up people for money, including her. At the Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlor. He allowed them ice cream after telling them how he made $ 50 and moving the parlor workers. At the same time, Marge forcibly leaves the salon and tells Homer to disagree with her attention.


Bart eventually buys a swimming pool for himself and his friends. However, Martin suggests buying a good investment vehicle, so he buys a Coyote track flipper. However, when the others ask him to use the quad, he refuses, making them angry. Marge and Lisa try to influence the people in Springfield City Hall. But miss them because they play at the club.

Bart sees club chairman Bildorf as his next goal; While Marge and Lisa write an online plea at; “Stop Simmering the Springfield Junipers Wealthy” (abbreviated as “Stop Pampering the SJWs”), getting over 1 million subscriptions (the acronym gets many more signatures), and nearing the club’s existence .

The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 14

Episode 14 will be released on March 7, 2021. In the episode, Cletus becomes a singing sensation while Homer becomes a new man Homer Jay Simpson, formerly known as Maximum power, is the father of the Simpsons family. Homer is overweight, lazy and inexperienced, but also very attached to his wife and children.

He works as a low-level impregnation inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in Sector 7G; Although he is often clumsy, he usually sleeps on duty and eats the donuts.

He contributes much of his time at Moe’s Tavern with his lifelong friends Lenny, Carl, Barney and bartender Moe Szylal. At home, he can often be found on the couch mindlessly watching TV while snacking on food and drinking Duff beer.

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