The Shang-Chi star took an adorable selfie with her movie posterpost

Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Actor Simu Liu posted a selfie on Twitter with the movie poster. Before starring in the upcoming Marvel movie, he was known for playing the character Jung In In favor of Kim And Farn In The taken Television series. In addition to acting, he has a background in martial arts and stunt work and works as a stunt performer. heroes rebirth.

The new Marvel movie is co-written and directed by Destin Daniel Creton (Short term 12) And co-authored by Dave Colham (Wonder Woman 1984) And Andrew Lanham (just please). The plot follows the character in the title, who is extremely adept at kung fu. He must face the monsters of his past associated with the Ten Ring Company. Auqwafina, Tony Chiu-wai Leung, Michelle Yeoh, Benedict Wang, as well as Liu Shang-chi. The movie will be released on September 2.

Liu recently posted a tweet with a selfie with him and a poster for it shang-chio. In addition to the photo, he added a general message of “lol”. See below to see his tweets:

Click here to view the Twitter post.

In comics, Shang-chi’s father has trained him to be a killer with incomparable fighting skills, who is himself the owner of an immortal crime called Fu Fuchu. Shang-chi has many titles, all of which can be found in his kung fu skills. Many other heroes do not have the superiority of the way they do, but their fighting skills should not be diminished. While Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) showcases the different fighting styles of different heroes, it will be interesting to see how this master of martial arts is portrayed on the big screen. Hopefully this is just the beginning of seeing the diversity with Asian superheroes at MSU.

Although we don’t see much of his surroundings, it is clear that the film was shot in a local cinema. There was no indication of which movie Liu was going to see, but judging by his laugh, he was clearly intoxicated when he saw the poster with him. If comrades recognized him on the walk, he was probably soon surrounded by Marvel fans in anticipation of the upcoming movie. NOt so long ago Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Theaters are catching on, but at least there are funny messages from fans to keep them engaged with Leo.


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