The Repair Shop new series of 2021 episodes and how to watch them online

The Repair Shop is back on BBC One with new episodes for 2021 – here’s everything you need to know.

Presented by Jay Blades, The Repair Shop is the workshop of dreams with a team of Britain’s most skilled restoration experts. In each show, audience members bring their beloved but broken family treasures so the team can revive them, while also revealing the personal stories behind the items.


The series first debuted on UK TV on BBC Two in 2017 before moving to BBC One in the afternoon. It has proved so popular that it is now airing primetime in BBC One.

Watch The Repair Shop on TV and online

The repair shop is currently airing at 8pm on BBC One on Wednesday evenings. New episodes are broadcast weekly.

You can watch episodes online and catch up on BBC iPlayer here

You can also watch episodes from previous series on iPlayer.

The Repair Shop 2021 new episodes

New episodes begin January 27.

Episode 1 – January 27

This week, Rose Werner and her sister Linda traveled from Essex in the hope that Suzie Fletcher can turn her expertise into a decorative leather box that is dear to them. It belonged to Rose’s late husband Jim, who arrived in the UK as a teenage refugee just before World War II.


Peter Coxon is next to arrive, hoping that the teamwork of Steve Fletcher and Dominic Chinea can help speed recovery to a favorite childhood toy. Meanwhile, upholsterer Hannah Weston-Smith accepts an old Italian dressing table chair that is torn and worn, but with fond memories for owner Chantal Taylor. Unfortunately, Chantal recently lost both her parents, and this chair represents her happy childhood.

Finally, Danielle Woods and her daughter Niamh come to see if toy restorers Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch can save a beloved companion before it’s too late. The turtle pouf was Danielle’s first Christmas present over 40 years ago and has been a fixture in her home ever since, but the years of being stuffed and cuddled have taken their toll.

Episode 2 – February 3

This week there is a big project for guitar expert Julyan Wallis: a guitar from the 1960s that belonged to Robyn Griffith’s grandfather, who had a real love of jazz but never had the chance to learn how to play this treasured instrument.

Wood restoration expert Will Kirk is off his hands when Christine Clay of Doncaster delivers a handmade card table that is very dear to her, while Terry Poole arrives with his late father’s clock bag, hoping that the repair shop siblings, clockworker Steve and learning expert Susie will join forces to put this unusual keepsake back on the map.

Finally, expert David Burville is put to the test when Liz Harvey arrives from Sheffield with what’s left of a Victorian clockwork pigeon. It belonged to Liz’s grandmother, and although she remembers it well, she never saw it disappear. Liz recently tried to fix it herself, but with disastrous results.

No New Episode – February 10th

There is no new episode this week, but a 30-minute rerun airs at 7:30 pm.


The team repairs a World War I aircraft propeller, a rusted shoe stretching machine and two badly damaged windows rescued from a Victorian variety theater.

Episode 3-17 Feb

This week, Peter Mason from Herefordshire has brought a kitchen joy from a bygone era. The old-fashioned ice cream machine belonged to his beloved grandmother Ethel and keeps memories of happy times at home.

David Burville takes over a Spanish barrel organ, also known as an organillo. It reminds owner Carolina Urraca of her childhood growing up in southern Spain with her charismatic grandmother. However, the small organ is now seriously out of tune and in a miserable condition, so David overhauls the entire instrument, inside and out.

Audio specialist Mark Stuckey is ready and waiting Lorraine McCourt, who owns a precious memento of a vintage love story, while Malcom Jordan from Chippenham needs help with a treasure that has been in his possession for 65 years. The leather folder was a gift from his older brother, whom he idolized.


Details on further episodes to be confirmed.

The Repair Shop will be broadcast on BBC One on Wednesday evening.

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