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The reason behind the postponement of season 2 of The Family Man

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The decision to renew Family Man status was made shortly after the hit season 1. The highly anticipated season 2 of Amazon Prime Video ‘s action thriller web series The Family Man is being postponed to May.

The creator’s Raj and Dk had already released a season 2 teaser. Because of this, fans all had to wait for the release of the trailer. But to date no trailer has been released by creators. Season 2 was set to release in February 2021, but was later delayed to the summer. Through their official Twitter account, the creator’s Raj and DK thanked fans for their love and support and announced the release of kick-ass season 2 in the summer.

The expectations for season 2 will be high, according to the makers. But it has been a month since there has been no news about the trailer itself.

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Previously, rumors had circulated about the cancellation of The Family Man Season 2 on social media. But protagonist Manoj Bajpayee refuted the reports, claiming they were baseless.

The reason for postponing season 2 is not made public by creators and streaming platform Amazon. But season 2 would be finished after re-recording some scenes. The constant delay has left fans in despair.

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