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The Prada Cup 2021 Live Stream Semifinal American Magic vs Luna Rossa Watch America’s Cup Challenger Series –

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The official competition to select the challenger for Team New Zealand in the America’s Cup match has reached its knockout stage as Luna Rossa faces American Magic in the semi-final of the Prada Cup.

With the round robins behind us, the two remaining challengers will face off in a best-of-seven (first to four wins) race to determine who will take on Ineos Team UK, which will take their place in the Prada. Cup final has been booked by being the top team in the round robins.

Prada Cup schedule and time

Day 7 | January 28 | 9:00 am

Day 8 | January 29 | 9:00 am

Day 9 | January 30 | 9:00 am

Day 10 | February 1 | 9 o’clock in the evening

Day 11 | February 12 | 10:00 PM

Day 12 | February 13 | 10:00 PM

Day 13 | February 16 | 10:00 PM

Day 14 | February 18 | 10:00 PM

Day 15 | February 19 | 10:00 PM

Day 16 | February 20 | 10:00 PM

Day 17 | February 21 | 10:00 PM

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The main story coming into the semifinals is the condition of American Magic’s AC75, which underwent serious repairs after its dramatic capsizing in the first week of the Prada Cup races.

The Americans will be a relatively unknown candidate, with just a few days of practice time following the relaunch of Patriot 2.0 on Wednesday.

Terry Hutchinson’s crew were the best challenger in the World Series event in December and were the only team to beat the defenders Team NZ.

However, it was a different story in the preliminary round of the Prada Cup, where American Magic was winless, including two losses against Luna Rossa – who capsized in the second race to keep them out of the water for nine days.

The Americans will hope they regain the speed they saw just before their capsize, where they were one leg away from victory before tragedy struck.


Every day there are two races on the program on Friday, Saturday and Saturday. The first team to claim four wins advances to the final. If the score is 3-3 after the weekend, the teams will have a break on Monday and return on Tuesday for the seventh and final race of the semi-finals. The first race starts around 3:15 pm every day.


Winner semi-final Prada Cup:

Luna Rossa – $ 1.80

American Magic – $ 1.90

Watch and stream

The Herald will have live updates on, while you can listen to live commentary on Gold AM and iHeartRadio.

The coverage of America’s Cup is free on TVNZ. You can also stream the action live or on-demand at or the America’s Cup YouTube channel.

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