The Perfect Combination: Speed, Quickness, and Patience in Marvin Mims Jr.

Marvin Mims Jr.: An ideal blend of speed, quickness — and patience

Marvin Mims Jr.: An Explosive Force to Be Reckoned With

– Marvin Mims Jr. is making waves in the NFL as the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, showcasing his incredible speed and quickness in a stunning performance against Buffalo.
– Mims is on track to make history, with only one other player in the past 64 seasons achieving his impressive averages in both kickoff and punt returns.
– Despite limited opportunities in the passing game, Mims remains patient and focused, acknowledging the talent of his teammates and staying committed to his rookie year development.
– Mims’ dedication to improving his craft is evident, as he continues to refine his skills and play at an even faster pace on the field.
– The Vikings’ defensive EPA per game over the last five weeks highlights the impact of Mims’ performance, positioning him as a key player in the Broncos’ recent successes.

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Being AFC Special Teams Player of the Week as his work against Buffalo last Monday night was no problem for Marvin Mims Jr.

“I thought it was cool. That’s about it, honestly,” Mims said in the Centura Health Training Center locker room this week. “It was a cool moment, honestly. But you keep building and seeing what else comes out of it.”

What could come next? History, if he keeps up his current pace.


The number of players since the Broncos’ existence in 1960 who averaged at least 30.0 yards per kickoff return and 15.0 yards per punt return (minimum five returns each) over the course of a season. Two-time Hall-of-Fame finalist Devin Hester is the only other player with both averages over the past 64 seasons.

Marvin Mims Jr. leads the NFL with a punt return average of 20.7 yards and is second with a kickoff return rate of 33.6 yards.

Could Mims have seen these kinds of returns coming?

“Probably not,” he acknowledged Friday. “It’s a little crazy, but the guys really did everything for me, they blocked me, and the coaches set it up really well, so I just have to go out there and execute, and that’s it.” what I’ve done.”

So far, so good.

But opportunities remain scarce in attack.


That represents the number of passes directed at Marvin Mims Jr. in the last five games. That comes after Russell Wilson targeted Mims 11 times in Weeks 1-4.

Yet Mims is not discouraged. He even said on Friday that it was “kind of easy” to remain patient despite not having opportunities in attack.

“I mean, you’ve got Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton out there – and they’re two great receivers,” said the magnanimous Mims. “And everyone wants the ball, you know what I mean? That’s what everyone wants to do.

“And it’s only my rookie year, so patience isn’t really an issue for me. Just go out there and do what I can, the best I can. I’m sure this will happen later in my career.”

To that end, Mims continues to refine his craft on the practice field. And over the past two months, he’s noticed a difference in the way he plays depending on what he’s absorbed.

“Yes, definitely playing faster,” Mims said. “Just hearing things from the huddle, lining up, instead of thinking about what I have, things like that, just seeing the defense, knowing what’s going to happen before the game starts. I think that’s probably the biggest thing.

“And when that happens, you can play faster.”

Considering how fast he’s already moving, that’s a bold statement.


That’s the Vikings’ defensive EPA (expected points added) per game over the last five weeks, according to Only the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns have better defensive EPA/play numbers during that period.

(Incidentally, the Broncos rank 10th in this metric over the past five weeks, including both games against the Chiefs and the wins over the Green Bay Packers and Bills.)


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