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The Last Kingdom Season 5: Who Dies in Season 5? Release date is coming soon

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Ever since The Last Kingdom season 5 renewal, fans have been impatient and want to know who will survive this season. They would also like to know who will die in Season 5. If you want to know the same, this article is for you.

In July 2020, Netflix announced the renewal of season 5 of The Last Kingdom. Few characters’ fates are unclear and fans think they may not make it to the Season 5 Finals. They have had a discussion on this topic over the internet. . Let’s take a look at the “Who Will Die in Season 5?”

Who dies in Season 5?

Season 5 of the Last Kingdom is likely to continue after several years of events in Season 4. Uhtred of Bebbanburg will be in his mid-50s and will continue to care for Wessex’s heir, Aethelstan.

Few characters have disappeared in Season 4 and fans are wondering what happened to them. Uhtred’s old friend, Brida, was given a chance to live after a one-on-one fight with Uhtred. However, fans think she may not survive season 5.

She felt betrayed by Uhtred and this leads her to join the fight against Uhtred and the Saxons for revenge. Few fans have shared their thoughts on Reddit about her future in Season 5. Let’s see:

One fan said: “If they follow the books, which is very questionable at the moment, both Brida and Haesten will be killed in S5, but the show doesn’t really follow the books anymore, so who knows what they’ll do. “

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Another says, “Brida may die in season 5 because she’s actually out of a role, but can watch her survive until season 6.”

In Season 4, Haesten was more submissive and even quit the fight. Later, during the siege of Winchester, he tried to protect Eadith, which is quite surprising. Fans also think Dane’s character has come to an end.

A fan on Reddit says, “Haesten constantly associates herself with people who die, but Haesten herself continues to survive. I feel like time is running out for him. I feel like death will catch up with him in Season 5. “

While another says, “I think Aelswith will die in the first episode of season 5, and Haesten will probably die this season too. I think Brida will survive. “

In the Season 4 finale, Aelswith was poisoned by her enemy Aethelhelm and was on her deathbed when her daughter Aethelflaed arrived. Fans believe she will die in Season 5.

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