The highly anticipated movie “Dredd 2” – Everything you need to know about the movie; Release date, flashback, expected plot of Dredd 2 and review

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Dredd is a fictional and scientific movie released on 7th September 2012, directed by Pete Travis and written and produced by Alex Garland. It is based on Judge Dredd, a 2000 AD comic book and the character was created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

About the release

In 2012, Karl Urban (Judge Dredd) tweeted about the film’s release because there were rumors about Dredd 2 all over the place.

“Unfortunately, a sequel has not come any closer,” he tweeted. “Options have been discussed, but no further development is underway”.

Dredd 2

Later on April 2, 2014, Karl Urban gave us all a moment of satisfaction when he shared his plan not to give up on the movie, with a video.

The Urban-led update found that the movie made only $ 36 million worldwide and was estimated to cost $ 50 million as a budget, but later it made them a lot of profit in DVD sales, which helped them think about the sequel. Also 2000 AD supported the film and petitioned Dredd 2.

Flashback to Dredd movie

The film is about America’s future, where a wasteland is covered in desert and there lies Mega City One, overcrowded with 800 million people and ruled by criminals. So now Judge Dredd’s role is to maintain peace and harmony in the city, just like Budd from BODYGUARD SEASON 2. He must make arrests and make decisions and execute them. So in order to do them all, he hires Anderson who is not accurate for the job but has psychic abilities of genes. Now a crime has been committed in a 200-story vertical slum under the control of a drug lord Ma-Ma.

Once a prostitute, Ma-Ma now has a mighty large clan that protects her from the law. Once when Dredd arrested a person standing close to Ma-Ma behind her eyes, she got all angry and relentlessly started a war against the judges and the law to show how powerful she was and what the reaction might be to Dredd’s actions. With crime hitting the skies and no door opening, Dredd and her rookie Anderson must find a way out to save their lives and that could only be possible through Ma-Ma’s death, and guess what happened?

Ma-Ma was also judged !!

What can we expect from Dredd 2?

As we saw at the end of the movie, when Dredd was asked by the Chief Justice about Anderson’s performance, Dredd lied that she made it, so we might see her in the next movie as a judge playing her part and we saw the role of the chief judge played as Rakie Ayola and there could be an explanation as to why the chief judge had no doubts about the missing criteria.

Judge Dredd and Anderson’s love life also fell short of our expectations, as they had their first case on Ma-Ma, which allowed them to spend more time in action instead of romance. We could certainly expect a good relationship in the next movie without Remorse.

As introduced by Judge Dredd, except for Judge Anderson, there are many other judges like Judge Guthrie and Judge Volt who didn’t work on many scenes in the movie, so maybe they’ll work together in the next.

Dredd 2

As I told you before the movie is based on a comic strip and in the sense that Dredd Judge’s most fascinating enemies are Death and if there is a sequel to be made I would like him cast in it as it will get more interesting .

Main cast of Dredd

  • Karl Urban as Dredd
  • Olivia Thirlby as Cassandra Anderson
  • Lena Headey as Madeline “Ma-Ma” and Madrigal
  • Wood Harris as Kay

The cast also includes

Domhnall Gleeson as the gang’s unnamed computer expert, Warrick Grier as Ma-Ma’s right-hand man Caleb; DeObia Oparei as TJ, the Doctor of Peach Trees; Francis Chouler as Judge Guthrie, Daniel Hadebe as Judge Volt and Rakie Ayola as Chief Justice. Langley Kirkwood, Edwin Perry, Karl Thaning and Michele Levin play corrupt judges Lex, Alvarez, Chan and Kaplan respectively. Dredd also plays Junior Singo as Amos and Luke Tyler as Freel, young boys who confront Dredd; Jason Cope as Zwirner, the criminal executed by Dredd during the opening scene; Joe Vaz as Big Joe, the villain who leads the showdown outside the medical station; Scott Sparrow as Japhet, Anderson’s first execution and Nicole Bailey as Cathy, Japhet’s wife, in whose apartment the judges take refuge.

Dredd 2

Reviews and ratings

With 7.2 / 10 ratings from IMDb, this movie won a lot of hearts including mine, it’s a really entertaining movie with a lot of action and kills just like Carnival Row Season 2

I recommend all of you to watch this movie at least once as there are very few times when we see a super violent and fictional movie of this kind. I really want the sequel to be made, it really has a lot of plots like I described above, the storyline is great and we expect the same in the next. The movie character Dredd is such a great compilation of people full of challenges and bad tone. He is an honest hero who executes and does justice to criminals and always fights for the truth no matter if he endangers his own life, he saves people and brings harmony and peace, so what more could you want, go watch the movie now Amazon Prime

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