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‘The Game’s Afoot’, a spooky comedy coming to Cité des Arts soon

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“Insanely funny” and “spooky thriller” are used to describe the first show of the year for Cité des Arts.

The Game’s Afoot will be performed at the community theater and art venue in the downtown area. The cast will perform six shows from February 26 to February 28 and again from March 5 to March 7. Tickets are available on the Cité des Arts website here

The location adheres to COVID-19 guidelines. A limited number of seats are sold and all tickets must be purchased in advance. Actors and production personnel are tested prior to opening.

Cité des Arts, the community-based theater and art venue in downtown Lafayette, founded Save Cité des Arts to raise $ 40,000 and "grassroots arts incubator."

There will also be streaming options available through AOC Community Media. Streaming tickets are sold separately and cannot be replaced with live tickets or vice versa.

The piece was produced by Lauren Reilly Eliot Company of Lafayette and directed by its owner and founder Cooper Helm.

“We originally chose The Game’s Afoot because Ken Ludwig is a master of comedy,” Helm said. “It’s a farce, but it also has the elements of a thriller. And we really like both ends of the spectrum. That makes it super challenging. In the end, we chose to put on a hilarious show. this cast works on all cylinders. “

Watch and Download Movies Online
Watch and Download Movies Online

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