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The First Hero on Marvel’s new Avengers team might’ve just been revealed!!

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The First Hero on Marvel’s new Avengers team might’ve just been revealed!!


There may be clever ways to bring back the Avengers who died in Avengers: Endgame, but there’s no telling whether Marvel will go down that road.

What seems to be clear is that Marvel is looking for new teams of heroes that will power future crossover films. Of course, the Avengers haven’t been abandoned, even though there’s no Avengers 5 in MCU Phase 4.

Marvel is just rebuilding the team, and the next set of films and TV shows will be used to set up the new Avengers crews.

  • Young Avengers movie or TV series might be in the works, several rumors have claimed in the past.
  • A new report indicates that Marvel has already signed an actress that will play one of those Avengers in the future.
  • Kate Bishop is supposed to replace Hawkeye in the Avengers roster.
  • Hailee Steinfeld was rumored to play Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye limited TV series for Disney+, and a new report says the actress will indeed appear in the show.

The blog doesn’t offer any plot details for Hawkeye but does suggest that Kate Bishop could be used in a Young Avengers project down the road, as she is one of the members of the team in the comics.

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Disney is yet to confirm the news, not that Marvel is in a hurry to make any new announcements. It’s not just the Avengers that will get new team members, though, as Marvel may soon introduce the Young Avengers.

It’s unclear whether it’ll be a movie or a TV series, but we may already have our first Young Avenger.

Casting is reportedly underway for the TV show, and production is rumored to start in Atlanta, Georgia, in October. The novel coronavirus pandemic put on pause all of Disney’s MCU projects for MCU Phase 4, and all of them could see significant delays going forward, especially the TV shows that haven’t even started shooting.

 The TV series should hit Disney+ at some point during the next couple of years before the Phase 4 stories wrap up.

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