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The Final Call Season 2 : Did Krishnamurthy get his new disciple??Spoilers, Release, Plot And Much More!!

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The Final Call Season 2
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Zee5 Original web series Final Call is a “must-watch” Web series undoubtedly. It has everything comedy, suspense, thrill, action which a viewer craves for. The story revolves around the pilot played by Dino who is a pyscho and a pilot too.

The Final Call Spoilers

  • He somehow lost his family (wife and daughter) and thought himself to be responsible for their death. So he started cursing himself and wanted to kill himself.
  • He planned to kill himself on a plane-ride in which he was a pilot.
  • But the situations got a dramatic change and he finally leads to kind-off hijack the plane and decided to kill everybody on the plane by intentionally making a plane-crash. 
  • Then the entry of Sakshi Tanwar appears. She has good knowledge to handle pyschos but ATS person creates problems for her.

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About Hindu Mythology

  • The Series also features the Hindu mythology and its secrets via its character Krishnamurthy who before boarding the flight, knew that he is going to die in this journey but he still go ahead with the journey as he believed that every second of life is pre-decided by God so he is no-one to put an obstacle in God’s ways.
  • In-flight, He met Javed Jaffrey who was the richest businessman but was not happy in his life.
  • He got the life lessons from Krishnamurthy on the flight and this changed his life forever after the plane crash.
  • This way Krishnamurthy got his disciple now to take hi teachings forward.
  •  It also features a gangster who eventually got an escape from the jail and court case as predicted by Krishnamurthy to him but he did not know that this would be his last journey for once and all.

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The Final Call Season 2 Plot

  • In the last episode, It was shown that Javed took Krishnamurthy’s place and started his teachings in Kerala.
  • Now Fans are desperately waiting to know how the story of all main characters moves forward.

Release Date Of The Final Call Season 2 

Though no official statement is being made by about the release of The Final Call Season 2, we can expect it to come soon. Till then, stay glued and we will be right back with the latest updates.

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