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The Family Man Season 2 Release Date: Manoj Bajpai shows some bumper news

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If you have to talk about a charismatic, excellent series that amazed us with its out-of-the-box concepts and attention to detail, perfectionist execution, it has to be The Family Man. The series received an overwhelming response from spectators, who all praised the series and received one of the highest ratings on IMDB.

Manoj Bajpai drops a bumper:

Manoj Bajpai, the family man himself, has been found positive for corona, which he most likely became infected with while promoting his other series, Silence. Can you hear it? as revealed by him in an interview with news channel Lehren.

Being positive, he couldn’t continue with promotions offline, so he decided to opt for working from home, which he described as quite stressful for being the main face of the series.

He said he felt quite weak and depressed during that period, in addition to being present in all the interviews. But on the bright side, he shared how all the work kept him away from all the negative thoughts around him.

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Season 2 Anticipation:

Since the first season’s resolution, fans have been impatient for the second season’s release; they can’t wait to see the aftermath of an ordinary middle-class neighbor who becomes a CIA agent and how he struggles to keep his identity confidential while trying to balance his personal and professional life as a secret agent.

Season one left the fans in a huge dilemma that left fans craving the sophomore even more. Season 2 was only expected to come out the previous year, but the pandemic has continued so far.

Despite all this, the professional he is said that even if he’s part of the series can’t wait for the sophomore to premiere ASAP.

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