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The End of Small Town Crime Explained

The End of Crime in Small Towns Explained
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Small Town Crime comes out as a fun action adventure. Also added a few comical elements here and there. While it tells a clear story, it’s a fun ride to enjoy on the weekends. Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms wrote and directed the film. Starring John Hawkes, the film tells the story of a drunken ex-cop who encounters a dead girl. Ultimately, his own gut feeling forces him to get back into the game to hunt down the person who, for some reason, is killing young prostitutes from the bar. But with adventure comes a few dangers too. Because someone else is hunting him too.

As we said, Small Town Crime is an uncomplicated fun watch with not quite a rocket science plot. But if you find yourself lost during the movie, here’s what exactly happened. From Mike, the lead ex-cop played by John Hawke’s past, to the story of the dead girl, to the plot devised by the young girls at the bar. Whoever urged the killer to send his own enforcements to eventually end them. Let’s take a look at the ending of Small Town Crime bit by bit.

Summary of the Plot of Small Town Crime

Small Town Crime Follows Opens the Chronicles of Mike Kendall. An ex-cop who hobbles from job to job to keep his life together. Although he manages to get hold of some, his drinking problems cause a lot of commotion. Something he doesn’t want in his life. The same drinking problem cost his job as a cop. Back in time, he lost his senior partner the same way he couldn’t deal with what was going on. In turn, he lost both the kidnapper and the girl he kidnapped when Mike fired shots to get revenge.

Likewise, he finds himself waking up drunk in a field and discovers that he may have hit a girl. So until that comes out, he takes her to the hospital. The police are still trying to find out, Teddy thinks she’s Mike’s damsel in need. So he tries to get back to her. An idea to return her phone and personal items to find out she is dead. But a call on her phone makes him realize someone was after her.

The End of Crime in Small Towns Explained

From Small Town Crime with John Hawkes as Mike Kendall, Robert Forster as Steve Yandel and Stefanie Scott as Ivy

After getting denials from his friends Kelly and Teddy, the police in the case, and even Kristen’s own family, Mike goes alone as a PI. To be stopped again by detectives. Although everyone denies it, Kristen’s grandfather has other plans as he hires Mike under the alias PI Jack Winter. He tells him everything he needs to know about Kristen and her friends and the guy who drives the 60’s Impala and runs this whole mess.

What continues is Mike, aka Jack Winter, who continues his investigation and makes contact with a hooker named Heide and ends up encountering a similar murder to Kristen’s. Soon, Mike takes the investigation of bar owner Randy to learn more about this Impala man who goes by the name Mood. He soon meets him when Mood attacks Mike near his house, helped by none other than Heidi.

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Turns out Mood isn’t the killer either. In fact, he chases the murderer himself, thinking he is coming to get him. He suspects that the third girl, Ivy, is missing. The investigation continues, but two people are making their presence felt while also hunting him and Ivy and likely reaching his family as well. Unless something is done very quickly.

The End of Small Town Crime Explained

So what’s gone down here? Why are these two guys chasing the girls? Investigation into Ivy leads Mike to bar owner Randy. He is indeed aware of Ivy’s location and has kept her safe. He takes Mike to hers and Ivy and Randy decide to break the reason. It turns out that the young girls from the bar enter a room with the rich to have fun. The twist here is they record them doing their thing without letting them know. Once the session is over, they blackmail these rich guys to get money out of it. Seems like one of those rich guys didn’t like the idea very much.

The Small Town Crime Ending Moments Explained

From Small Town Crime with John Hawkes as Mike Kendall

Neither did Mike. He decides to turn Randy and Ivy into the police. Outside of it, the two hired gunmen shoot at Mike’s loved ones. They soon cross paths with Mike. What goes on is an ultimate action car sequence that leads Randy to die. While Mike and Ivy are kissing, it turns out that the gunmen have Mike’s friend Teddy in their trunk. Mike decides to tell Kelly and takes shelter in Kristen’s grandfather, Mr. Yendell’s house.

Mike, Mr. Yendell and Mood join forces for the exchange. However, Mike doesn’t bring his exchange and everything ends in a big gunfight. Fortunately, Mike’s team survives as they take out the gunmen who save Teddy in the process. In the last moments, the boys are recovered. Plus, the police are finally hunting down the three rich men who easily hired them while one escapes. Mike chooses to take a PI exam and reconciles with Teddy while Mood and Mr. Yendell search for the last rich men to close the movie.

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