The Croods 2 – Confirmed cast, release date and storyline

An animated Stone Age story with lots of comedy seems like the right idea, right? The Croods is a movie with the same storyline. A popular animated story released in 2013 that gained massive popularity with all ages. The movie was created by DreamWorks Animation and the animation is distributed by none other than 20th Century Production.

The movie received a lot of positive reviews from the public and then everyone was thinking about the Croods sequel. While in the beginning the Croods were not in the plan of the creators and they have officially indicated to cancel it. But then The Croods: New Age happens.

This article will guide you through the latest news from this animated film. If you are an admirer of this movie, please read this article to the end to have all the information about this article.

Everything you need to know about the Croods.

Croods 2

The Croods is an animated show that was released in 2013. The show revolves around a Stone Age cave family known as the Croods. The family consists of Grug Caveman who is the head of the family and always restricts others from leaving the cave. While her daughter wants to explore and always argues with him against these restrictions. She is also attracted to guys and has romantic feelings for them.

When I came to the show, after the release of the first part, the show was asked the sequel, but it didn’t. Originally, the creators of The Croods thought of as one film with no sequel, but the winnings and the blockbuster movie made them change their minds.

The Croods were filmed on a budget of $ 135-175 million, while actual earnings were $ 550 + dollars.

The series was booked for the new franchise TV series entitled Dawn of the Croods. The new TV series was released on Netflix on December 24, 2015.

Is there a sequel to The Croods?

In the year 2015, the Croods released their own TV series called Dawn of the Croods. The show was popular, but not in comparison to the movie. The showmakers have already canceled the sequel to the Croods and after that they have released a new TV series.

After some time, a rumor began to circulate about the Croods’ sequel. The news broke and the official came out to release their statement. Officials confirmed that the Croods sequel was in production and that it will be released on December 25, 2020. The storyline of Croods 2, called The Croods: New Age, centers around the same cast and characters from its prequel.

What is The Croods 2 all about?

the croods 2

The movie opens with a flashback memory of the death of Guy’s parents. Guy, who was a child when his parents died, has a terrible memory of him. He was afraid of all his trauma, but somehow managed to understand all these things.

The story continues to the Croods who still find a home to settle in after their previous home left them. Croods along with Guy and their two funny but adorable pets named Chunky and Douglas are looking for a stable home.

On the other hand, Gurg was upset with all the romance and flirting between her daughter and Guy. He doesn’t like Guy that much and wants to get rid of him. After walking through the jungles, they accidentally fall into the trap set for the wild animals and strangers.

The owners of the land arrived after some time, leaving them all alone because they were once friends with Guy’s parents. Phill and Dope, the owners of the land and friends of Guy’s late parents, recognized him as soon as they saw Guy. they allowed the entire Crood family along with the man and welcomed them into their home.

Greg, quite shocked by all this, thought this was a way to get rid of Guy. The Phill and Dope saw Croods’ lifestyle and behavior towards the man and they were angry at all of this. They raised the Croods for being so low-mannered and disrespectful.

In fact, Phill and her wife were technically better than the Croods and have a good lifestyle. They even urged the Man to be with him, not them.

What is the cast of the Croods 2?

the croods

The cast and characters of the Croods are quite similar in both parts. The main attraction of the story is Guy, the main protagonist of the story. The character Guy is voiced by none other than Ryan Reynolds, who is known for his role in Deadpool. The actor has had a great voice in Scrubs before. In addition to him, the female protagonist, Eep, was voiced by the gorgeous Emma Stone. The popularity of these two superstars makes it more likely that the show will attract more viewers for the show.

If you’re looking for the cast and voice artist behind the characters of the Croods, I’ll mention it below.

Characters of the Croods 2

Let’s take a look at the characters of the Croods 2 story.

  • Starting with the head of the Croods, that is, Grug Crood. He is a caveman and often limits his family in many ways. He doesn’t even allow his daughter to talk to his only crush. This character is voiced by Nicolas Cage.
  • The next major character and female lead in the movie is coming: Eep Cord. She is the daughter of Grug Crood and wants to explore the world. In the first season she is in love with Guy, but in the second part they are both in a relationship. The character has been voiced Emma Stone.
  • Coming to the main character voiced by Ryan Reynolds is Guy. He is also a caveman but is a teenager who has moved in with the Croods. His parents died when he was a child. He is Eep’s boyfriend.
  • The story goes back to the flashback of Guy’s story and the character was voiced by Gabriel Jack.
  • The other character is Phill, voiced by Peter Dinklage. He is the friend of Guy’s parents and has a soft spot for Guy.
  • Next up is Phillie Hope’s wife. The character is cast by Leslie Mann. Hope Betterman also manipulates the Croods family.
  • The next animated character Dawn Betterman is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran.
  • Catherine Keener has been cast by Ugga Crood.
  • Clark Duke voiced the Caveboy called Thunk Crood.
  • Actor Cloris Leachman voiced the character Gran.

Besides these characters, there are other sub-main characters in the story who are the characters of the movie.

Where is the official trailer for the Croods 2?

The film was released in 2020 and became a hit. The show was made with a budget of $ 65 million and $ 168.2 million. The official trailer for the Croods sequel has been officially uploaded on Youtube. The Croods’ official video has been viewed over 4 million times. The audience was delighted with the trailer and it was already featured in the comment section.

One person said: “this movie was a lot better than I thought, 10/10 ”. 

What are the ratings of the show?

The ratings of the show are astounding. The makers seriously gave the best of it in just 1 hour and 30 minutes. The audience said this movie was funny and a must for everyone to watch. Even the characters of the Croods 2 are so memorable and are sure to make you bond with the movie. Getting to the rating of the show, which is the most important part. The critics have rated the show with the average ratings, but the audience still has something to say.

Starting the list with the show’s IMDb rating being 7/10. The rotten tomatoes of this animation film are 77%. Common Sense Media rated the show with just 3/5 ratings.

Final words

The Croods was a popular animated series from 2013. The movie was created by DreamWorks Animation. With great ratings and a good blockbuster, the film has released its second sequel. The release date of the sequel was 2020, entitled The Croods: New age. The second movie made $ 168 million against its budget of just $ 65 million. The sequel was perfect for the original film and it ties the storyline nicely.

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