The best way to install and set up Facebook comments in WordPress

You would probably want to install and set up Facebook Comments in WordPress, but you may not know how to go about this, or you may assume that it is not that necessary. Should you bump into this page, now is your time to do it. We’ll show you the best way to go about this, using plugins and other techniques that I hope will guide you.

Before we show you the installation process, we will first help you understand why you should do it and why even most blogs in the world use Facebook comments in WordPress. Now you may be wondering where to find a WordPress developer to do the installation? Stay tuned and we’ll cover all of this in the article.

Why You Should Install and Set Up Facebook Comments in WordPress

1. Increases social engagement

Is this what every marketer is looking for? It is the easiest way for you to sell your goods or services. When you allow people to read and comment on your content, that’s how the level of engagement starts and slowly increases over time.

If you’re active on Facebook, it’s easy to build massive engagement as the number of active Facebook users is extremely high. You will notice that many followers are tweaking your posts as long as you constantly update your content. Most of them will be repeat visitors who find your blogs interesting, and friends of friends who also want to contribute to the same tweak.

2. Improved credibility

Unlike before, people use Facebook to apply for job openings, form an informal community group, and those with similar interests and goals also group together. With this in mind, they must use their real identity. Therefore, those who comment on your content improve the integrity of your conversation. While you don’t know them personally, you tend to give them credit based on that.

Facebook puts people with a lot of likes from followers at the top of the page. Therefore, it is rare to find spammers in that category. It gives the assurance that those who are at the top are credible; otherwise you won’t make it to the top if you don’t have a large following, and that means your integrity is paramount.

Step 1. Do it yourself without involving a WordPress Developer, create a Facebook App if you are going to use the popular plugins Wp. You create the Facebook app and register as a developer. If you haven’t, you open Select App> Create a new app. There is also an option for it Add new app for those who are repeat visitors.

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Step 2. After you finish the registration, proceed with the free version of the Wp plugin. Here we will demonstrate using “WpDevArt Facebook responseso you install this plugin from the dashboard. It should look like this; Dashboard> Plugin> Add New, continue your search and look for WpDevArt Facebook Comments plugin. Install now> Activate. (Configuration will take place at a later stage).

Step 3. You must login to proceed to the next level. If you don’t have an account, find a “Create a New App ID” page, click on it and fill in the necessary information.

Step 4. Now that you have an “App ID”, click on it, and it will be copied automatically. Click for “App live” according to the process.

Step 5. Now we are at the last stage where we said we would do the configuration using the App ID. > “FB Comments” should be on the dashboard. Paste or type your ID. By default you will find a check box for Home, Post and Page. It determines the positioning display of the comment box. Congratulations, you have now finished setting up the Facebook comments.

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Other ways to install and setup Facebook comments in WordPress

  • Without plugins
  • Using plugins such as WP
  • Via Divi theme.

How to Add Facebook Comments to WordPress Without Plugin

For the sake of those who don’t like the idea of ​​plugins for reasons best known to them, we’ll quickly take a look at the steps to install Facebook Comments without WordPress development plugins.

Step 1. Log in to your Facebook page and go to the Facebook comment. On the developer page, go to settings and type or paste your blog page. Then click on “Get code” to generate it. Now, back to the dashboard, find Appearance> Editor, find the header.php file and click. Paste the generated code under the “body” tag.

Step 2. You can enter the same code generated under your posts. It uses dynamic features, ensuring the uniqueness of Facebook comments for your page.

Step 3. Now it is time to test if your installation worked. You go to your Facebook page and find some of your posts. A little below you should see the “Add comment”, that’s all.

Divi and Extra Theme users

It requires a simple formula. You need to find Appearance, click on “Divi Theme” options, then the integration tab is, the code generated in step 1 above will be in the “body”. Still, you need to enable Body Code first and then save it. On the right, “Add code” for edits, find a file single.php in the Theme / Child folder.

To test if you were successful, go to your Facebook, and you should find “Add a comment” below your post. That is, if you checked the “post” during the plugin configuration.



we’ve seen all the reasons why, and the best ways to install and set up Facebook comments in WordPress, using WordPress Development plugins and other positive impact resources. It is not a complicated task and it has many benefits such as adding traffic to your page through engagement.

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