The best sun hats for ladies with big heads

Buying the right size sun hat can be a bit tricky if you have a big head when trying on a hat. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of sun hats for ladies with large heads.

What size hat size is considered large for women?

The normal size for hats falls within a head circumference of 20.47 – 22.83 inches (52-58 cm).
If your head circumference is greater than 22.8 inches (57.91 cm), your head circumference is considered large.

In terms of hat sizes, large hats are between 22.8 – 23.6 (inches) and oversized are between 23.6 – 24.4 (inches).

Some hats are classified as “one size”. Which should normally imply that anyone could wear such a hat. However, this is usually not the case. One size hats tend not to grow taller than 58 cm (22.83 inches). For someone with a larger head circumference, it really isn’t one size, right?

Even if you manage to find an adjustable one size hat, you will quickly find that it doesn’t fit beyond the so-called one size range.

What to look for in a sun hat

When a hat is described as large, it does not always mean that the circumference is large. Often the term “large” is used in reference to the brim of the hat.

If you have a large head, you want a large circumference and not necessarily a brim size. So it is worth taking that into account.

When buying a sun hat, pay particular attention to the additional description / details from the retailer. Sometimes you will find information about the true size of the hat there.

If a size chart is available it can be used as a guide, but unfortunately not all retailers follow their own size chart.

It’s also worth checking out customer reviews if available.

How to measure your hat size

Before you buy a hat, it is important to measure your head first. This is very easy to do.

You will need a soft tape measure to take your measurement. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can do it with a piece of string.

The video above shows how best to take your size if you don’t know your hat size yet.

If your size falls between two hat sizes, it is best to always choose the larger size.

Basically all the hats on our list below have built-in adjusters to make them fit properly. If you are looking for a hat that is larger than your head size, a hat with an adjustable fit is a must.

Now that you know what you are looking for, it is time to get the perfect hat. We’ve done all the hard work for you and narrowed it down to 13 of the best hats we could find.

13 best sun hats for ladies with big heads

These hats are available in plus sizes and the outlines are indicated below for your information.

The product information for each hat was correct at the time of writing. Make sure to check the specific product page for up-to-date information before making a purchase. Happy shopping!

Floppy Wide Brim Beach Hat

Circumference: 22.8 – 23.6 inches

A nice and comfortable straw hat with UPF to protect you from the sun and still stay fashionable. Suitable for a head circumference of up to 24 inches.

Wide Brim Wind Cord Sun Hathoed

Circumference: 22.6-23.2 inches

This hat is made from eco-friendly recycled paper and is tightly woven for quality and durability. This braided straw hat is not only stylish, but also quite sturdy and at a very affordable price.

Summer hat with chin strap

Circumference: 23.2-24 inches

This beautifully designed hat offers all-round protection from the sun. It also has an opening in the back to put ponytails through. Perfect for keeping the neck cool and dry in hot and humid weather.

Summer beach straw hat

Circumference: 22.8-23.6 inches

This well-ventilated wide-brimmed hat is soft enough but not too floppy to fall on the face. Easy to fold into a suitcase or bag without damaging the shape or structure. It’s super cute and perfect for the beach.

Floppy sun hat with wide brim

Circumference: 22.8-23.6 inches

Keep the sun at bay with this simple yet elegant wide-brimmed straw hat. The flap can be folded to create a different look. Lightweight, well ventilated and comfortable to wear with adjustable thong for a better fit when needed.

Wide brim safari hat

Circumference: 23.7 inches

From backyard work to hiking or safari, this multipurpose sun hat is made with the busy woman in mind. The soft mesh fabric on the inside provides extra comfort and sweat absorption.

Hiking Bucket Sun Hat

Circumference: 23.2 – 24 inches

Nice outdoor sun hat with adjustable circumference and a chin strap to keep it in place. Very useful in windy conditions. Easy to fold into a handbag or backpack. Has a hidden hole in the back ponytail.

Unisex straw Panama hat

Circumference: 22.8-23.6 inches

A nice and sturdy straw hat that has a wide fit and is great for women with a large head. At a great price for the quality. Looks very cute and can be used for multiple occasions.

Beach hat with wide brim

Circumference: 60 cm

A sun hat specially made for ladies with a large head or a lot of hair. Provides sun protection with UPF 50. Can be folded and packaged compactly for storage and straighten out easily when ready to use.

Navy ponytail hat for women

Circumference: 23.2-24 inches

This sun hat has a good mix of stiff and flexible fabric that is well balanced to create a stunning high fashion look. Great hat for big hair with the hole in the ponytail at the back to feed the hair through. Protects face and neck from the sun.

Waterproof sun hat

Circumference: 22-24 inches

This causal hat offers protection from both sun and water. It has an adjustable elastic buckle on the back with a ponytail hole. Great for the woman who likes to do a lot of outdoor activities.

Unisex Fedora Sun Hat

Circumference: 23.25-23.87 inches

A classic fedora hat design with a contrasting black ribbon on the crown. Made of good quality material and finely woven. Easily adjustable for the perfect fit and designed to be cool during the summer.

Reversible bucket hat

Circumference: 24 inches

Finally a bucket hat for big heads that is comfortable and offers sun protection for the face, ears and neck. Can be worn upside down for a different look, while still being protected and looking good. The brim can also be styled by letting it down or rolling it up.

So there you have it.

Our shopping list of sun hats for ladies with a big head. You no longer have to worry about finding a sun hat that fits. We’ve got you covered. Literally!

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