The Best Alternative to 9Anime WITHOUT Ads (2021)

Has 9Anime been unsatisfying for you lately? Or are you looking for the best alternatives to 9Anime in case the site shuts down? Or are you just looking at what’s better, since 9Anime doesn’t meet all your requirements yet? If you say yes to any of these three questions, don’t go away yet, the answer lies in this article!

Without a doubt, 9Anime is one of the best free anime sites we’ve had to date. But is it the best of the best? With the number of drawbacks the site has, we unfortunately have to say that it doesn’t. 9Anime’s loading speed has always been frustrating, and the desktop version is a mess of ads. We know that ads and popups are 9Anime’s only source of income; However, supporting the site also puts our device and identity at risk. But don’t worry, we’ve found a site for you that solves all of 9Anime’s problems. Give a try and you won’t regret it!

What is is a new one free anime streaming site that allows us to stream and download thousands of signed and dubbed anime shows, be it mainstream or trending, in full HD quality (1080p) without paying a cent. The site is steadily gaining recognition for its ad-free feature, great customer service, seamless streaming experience, and many more excellent features.

Is safe? is more secure than 9Anime, that’s just a fact. When you click on unwanted ads, you put your device and identity at risk. All it takes is one wrong click to allow hackers to wreak havoc and access sensitive information. That means that is completely safe as there are no ads on the site.

Like 9Anime, does not require registration or login. Therefore, you are not expected to share your private information with the site. No information shared, no information lost, so couldn’t be more secure.

Are you using Legal?

Both 9Anime and are not considered legal sites as their content is not paid for. But we have never come across a legal anime site that allows us to watch current titles without asking for payment. Let’s face it, sites need money to survive, especially legal ones. They have to pay for the copyright and recoup the money from our subscriptions. They certainly also make money from ads and popups, but that amount is nowhere near enough. Therefore, if you want to catch up with the anime world, you have to compromise on illegal streaming. If you’re concerned about a potential lawsuit or fine for streaming at Zoro, don’t worry; you can easily turn on a reliable VPN to remain completely anonymous. Not to mention that the Japanese anime piracy laws are not enforced so strictly.

Sites such as

There are sites similar to, but there is no site that offers all the excellent features that Zoro has. Sites like Anime Dao, Gogoanime let us watch thousands of titles for free, but they are full of ads. Some other ad-free sites don’t offer us the Ultra HD quality that is proud of. Legal sites such as CrunchyRoll and Funimation give us access to some of their content library in Ultra HD quality, but we still have to watch ads and normally the titles are not current.

Why is Zoro the best alternative to 9Anime?

In our opinion, is not the best alternative to 9Anime, Zoro is clearly better than 9Anime. If you are using Anime and happen to see this article, you should bookmark Zoro instead. The loading speed is much faster on Zoro, ads are not present on Zoro, and the resolution is higher on Zoro as well. Unless you’ve sworn to stick with 9Anime until his death, there’s no reason not to switch from 9Anime to If you need more reasons to make up your mind, check out this detailed review from and you’ll realize it’s not even an exaggeration to say that is the best free anime site we got to have had so far.

1. No ads and popups

This is one of the many features that sets apart from 9anime in particular, and other free anime sites in general. If you are in an anime community, you may have heard sad stories about other anime enthusiasts getting in trouble due to viruses and malware. It discourages many other anime fans from watching streaming sites for free. If your friend or family is hesitant to switch from their paid streaming service to a free site, tell them about Without ads, does not pose any risk of data loss, identity theft and damaged network.

2. Security

Free anime sites can be risky places because we become weak targets there. Each site warns us of potential problems and suggests that we proceed at our own risk. But since is ad-free, that’s no longer a headache for you. You can watch anime online without worry at How can hackers gain access to your private information if they cannot trick you into clicking their malicious ads?

3. Content library

Zoro’s content library is the same size as 9anime’s. Zoro has a huge collection with thousands of titles from all genres such as Action, Drama, Kids, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Police, Romance, School, Comedy, Adventure, Music, Game and many more. You can stream the latest releases, current titles, oldie goldies and even hidden gems here.

4. User interface

Like 9Anime, Zoro’s user interface is as simple as ABC. It may be your first time on the internet and you can still easily figure out how to navigate and browse the site. If you already have a title in mind, you can go directly to the search box in the middle of the home page to type it in. But if you prefer to delve into what the site has to offer, you can use the site’s filter for Movies, TV Shows, Most Popular and Top Shows, or go to “View Full Site”.

Without ads, Zoro has a premium look compared to 9anime. No one would know that you are on a free site if you are viewing your screen with enabled.

5. Streaming experience

As mentioned, 9anime’s loading speed is one of the main reasons why many 9anime users search the internet for a better alternative. It’s frustrating to have to constantly wait because loading times for video playback, other pages, and general navigation are incredibly slow. For most of us, a seamless streaming experience is an essential factor in deciding whether to stream on a site. We can only buffer and lag when we run out of choices. For example, it is the only site that provides the content we are looking for. But since Zoro has all the titles that 9Anime has and the loading times on Zoro are much faster, what’s your excuse for not using

6. Resolution

9Anime no longer gives us the option to select different image qualities and that’s such a shame. We cannot always guarantee a stable internet connection, especially if we want to watch anime online for free wherever we go and when we are in the mood. The highest resolution that 9Anime offers is only HD quality (720p), while it is Ultra HD quality on (1080p). also allows us to adjust the video quality with a range ranging from 360p to 10180p for the utmost convenience.

7. Updates

Both 9Anime and Zoro. To update their database daily with the latest releases, new episodes and requested titles. You can easily check their home pages for new updates or sign up to receive notifications.

8. Registration or account

Both 9Anime and do not require their users to log in or register in order to access their entire content library and features. There is no obligation as you can come and go as you please. All you need to enjoy these two sites is a device with internet access and, of course, a stable internet connection. If you’d like to receive notifications about the latest release and anime news, you can sign up on either site. However, keep in mind that it is safer to give your information to as there is no risk of being attacked by hackers via malicious ads on Zoro.

9. Customer service

Customer service is great on both sites as the teams behind 9Anime and are willing to engage with their users and fulfill their requests. In fact, the Zoro team says on their site that they are running 24/7 to ensure that all broken links are fixed, all requested titles are updated (if available), and all our inquiries are responded to in no time.

Any anime enthusiast knows the importance of finding a great site to stream anime. Our viewing experience should be as seamless as possible so that we are not disconnected from our anime world. If that’s what you crave, is clearly the way to go. Without ads and fast loading times, your streaming on will be fantastic!

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