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The Beauty and the Baker season 2 release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

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Lehiyot Ita, the romantic comedy series of Israeli origin, is the inspiration for the show Beauty and the Baker. This US-adapted version is all about a pastry shop owner and his unhinged love for Miami’s supermodel Noa. Since the Israeli version of this has earned a huge round of applause, its counterpart is reportedly left far behind in terms of equal popularity by the ABC standard.

This original ABC show tries to illustrate a modern karaoke between Rasuk and Noa. Where Rasuk is running his family’s bread baking business and happened to find Noa, a Miami supermodel, resting in each other’s arms in no time, is quite a spectacle.

But what could be next? Are they getting married in Season 2? Let’s explore with us.

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The Beauty and the Baker season 2 release date

ABC recently announced that it has witnessed the worst viewership ever for the show with just 2 million viewers per episode. And unfortunately, for that reason, this television network is planning to pull the plug for season 2. So let’s hope the giant streaming company changes its decision.

The Beauty and the Baker Season 2 Cast: Are there any new faces?

At this point, we haven’t received any solid news about the show’s renewal. Maybe that’s why we’re not sure about next season’s cast. Once we know the season 2 release date, the fans will also be updated with the names.

If we share our personal opinion, we would still like to see Daniel Gracia and Hamilton as the main protagonists, along with David Del Río, Mateo Garcia and Belissa Escobedo playing their acute roles in the series.

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