The Bears’ Momentous Shift: Justin Fields Takes the Helm as Starting Quarterback

Bears’ evaluation of Justin Fields kicks into gear with QB back as starter

Bears’ Evaluation of Justin Fields: A Make or Break Season

Is Justin Fields the Future of the Bears?

With the 2021 draft pick Justin Fields back as the starting quarterback for the Bears, the organization faces a critical decision on his future.

What Does Fields Need to Show?

The Bears are looking for Fields to prove himself as a championship-winning quarterback who can perform consistently in crucial moments, avoid turnovers, and keep drives going.

Can Fields Flourish in Chicago?

If Fields can flourish, the Bears won’t have to start over with a new quarterback and can build around him to win. This next set of games will be crucial in determining his potential.

Coach’s Evaluation of Fields

Head coach Matt Eberflus noted that Fields’ footwork and accuracy have improved, signaling positive progress for the young quarterback.

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The Bears faced a similar scenario last March and opted for it trade the Panthers’ No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft for multiple picks and wide receiver DJ Moore, giving Fields at least another year and giving themselves more resources to build their infrastructure with. Chicago needed to be blown away on a quarterback to select one in the 2023 draft and instead traded the pick.

Sources say this is the same view when it comes to the 2024 draft. The Bears would have to be blown away by a rookie QB to move on from Fields three years later by selecting him No. 11 overall in the 2021 draft.

What does Fields need to show to remain Chicago’s QB1?

Sources offered insight into the decision, noting that this year’s roster is stronger and more developed than last year’s. In other words, it offers the opportunity for a much fairer evaluation of Fields.

Here’s what the organization wants to see: Is this a QB who can win multiple championships? Can he be consistent enough, especially in key moments like the red zone and a two-minute rush? Can he execute with the game on the line? Can he avoid turning the ball over and keep drives going?

These are all standard ways that organizations generally evaluate signal callers.

There have been times in Fields’ career where it seemed like there were attempts to make him more of a pocket passer. The hope going into this stretch is that he plays his game, runs when he needs to and uses his legs to create. That’s when Fields becomes a game changer.

Life will be easier for the organization if Fields can flourish because they won’t have to start over with a new quarterback and can simply build around Fields to win. This next set of games will help determine that.

This week, head coach Matt Eberflus was asked what he saw during Fields’ practice.

“I thought he got his footwork back where it needed to be,” the coach said. “And I thought the accuracy was good, and got better as the week went on. I thought it was good.”


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