The Apple Watch SE has everything you need for fitness tracking

Every year, Apple sells us the most expensive and worst products. I am currently testing the iPhone 12 Pro Max and absolutely love it. The larger screen is great for reading and work tasks, and the new camera technology is great step forward.

However, there are times when you have to look away from Apple’s latest top releases. That’s absolutely true with the new Apple Watch SE ($ 279) which launched last fall. It’s not as powerful or feature-rich as the Watch Series 6 released at the same time, but it comes with everything you really need and costs $ 100 less.

Here’s what the SE doesn’t have: it doesn’t measure your blood oxygen level and it doesn’t require an EKG like the Series 6. It doesn’t have an always-on screen, so you have to raise or rotate your wrist to activate the screen. Those first two characteristics are important health metrics for some people, but not for most of us. And while a constant screen is nice to have, I’d say it’s not worth the difference you’d pay to upgrade.

Beyond that, the SE has every other feature we’ve come to like about Apple watches. The company makes great fitness trackers, with tons of workouts, and you can now use a sleep tracker app too. It comes in the same two sizes as the Series 6 – 40 and 44 millimeters – and fits all of the brand’s well-crafted watch straps. If you want to upgrade to the GPS + Cellular version, you can use the SE to make calls or get directions without your phone. It stores music, matches any Apple headphones, can be used in the water, and comes in a variety of colors.

There are other watches and trackers that offer similar features, but if you’re an iPhone user, the Apple Watch does all of these things seamlessly as it allows you to sync all that data across your Apple devices, which is ultimately the biggest. point of sale. And like all Apple products, the SE is incredibly easy to use and designed to be part of your daily routine.

As an example, I initially thought that the fitness rings – which encourage you to stand, move, and move a certain amount each day – were gimmicky. But then I started using them and became somewhat obsessedClosing the rings (your goal) is a subtle but fun way to keep yourself motivated, and much better than just looking at numbers. Thanks to the cellular feature on the SE, I now leave my phone at home when I go for a run every afternoon, knowing I can still call my wife to tell her I’m going to tack a few more miles.

I am also excited to use the compass app on the SE for inland skiing. (This feature is also available on Series 6.) It sounds simple, but the compass, which includes an altimeter, will live on my wrist at all times and help me stay away from those aspects and altitudes that pose a higher avalanche danger , to the local avy forecast.

Having said all that, the SE is still an expensive piece of equipment to have on your wrist. But its usefulness makes it worth it. Apple will be rolling out new features for all watches launched in the future, but I suspect those features aren’t that new you’ll want to upgrade. Instead, the SE will keep you healthy, connected and organized for years to come.

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Main picture: Jakob Schiller

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