The American Housewives: Season 6 Renewed? About ABC, release date, cast and plot

Season 6 – Happening? on ABC.

The American Housewife started out as the apple of the ABC’s eye; but instead of keeping up with its image, it lost its charm.

How the fans expected it to age gracefully and beautifully based on the early seasons. No one could have predicted the fall so steeply. The conditions were so disgusting that ABC is allowed to cancel the broadcast of season 6 of The American Housewives.

When it comes to a comedy drama, the future is never certain. Starting with this series, there is a small chance that it will return, probably for the last time, but that chance is minimally significant against a greater chance of it being canceled.

Reviews and audience:

After tonight’s finale of season 5 of the series, the ABC network will consider its release. The example at The American Housewives are the viewing figures and the number of viewers.
The viewership of the series consists of a very loyal audience, who have stuck with the series since season 1.

This may appear as a blessing at first. Yet at the same time it reveals that the new audience is nil. Not many people are willing to watch the show, putting it outside of the mainstream media.

Despite getting a lot of attention, the series, like many others, hit a boom, when it had solid reviews and acclaim, then slowly and slowly its demise crept in, causing the TRP to crash.


The producers face a dilemma regarding the Season 6 extension as the response they are getting is largely mediocre. However, there is also a chance that the channel is taking a risk of increasing the audience and keeping the old one. However, it is 70% clear that the proximity of that event is nil.

However, the showrunners have debated the concept of programming strategy, which they believe can fix the show’s rating problem, when it’s crystal clear that the show is now just a sinking ship.

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