The 10 Best Shows on Hulu

The 10 best shows on Hulu is a completely subjective list. By me. My top picks are movies and series that I’ve watched and reviewed here on the blog. If I’m missing a favorite of yours, let me know in the comments at the end.


Two of us poster

Two of us, a French film, tells of older women who have been couples for years but kept it a secret.

shadow in the cloud poster

Shadow in the cloud is a completely horrible movie. It’s so terrible, it’s good.

Ben Foster and Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie in Leave No Trace

Leave no trace tells a wonderful coming of age story about a teenager and her father who live hidden in the woods.

Little Woods poster

Two sisters struggling to make it in a hard world form the plot in small forest.

booksmart poster

smart book is a comic coming of age story about two girls who are ready to graduate from high school.


Arrival is a mysterious sci-fi thriller that is absolutely fascinating.

Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson apologize for disturbing

sorry to bother you, a work of creative genius and originality, will make you nod in recognition of the truth.

Little fires everywhere

Little fires everywhere is human drama at its most powerful.

Portrait of a burning lady

This near-perfect French film, Portrait of a burning lady, tells a love story between two women.

Lily Tomlin and Julia Garner in Grandma

Grandma is a family story about a day of crisis.

Many of my picks were directed by women, and as you can see from the images, they shine with women. If you have other suggestions for really good stuff on Hulu, don’t be shy. Say something.

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