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Thalaivi to release on big screen or OTT? | Release date and all other details

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With a massive budget of 65 crores, Thalaivi (meaning boss) is a PAN (global presence) is a biographical film based on the six-time elected Prime Minister of Tamil Nadu, former actress Jayalalitha. She is much more than an insane celebrity all over South India.

The film is directed by AL Vijay and features a unique appearance from Aravind Swami as MGR. Kangana, the film’s main protagonist, has been adamant about making the film appear in theaters as she believes that it only belongs there and the essence of the film, its performance will take an ethereal form only on the big screen. take.

Thalaivi release date and other details

The film is being produced by Vibri Motion Pictures and Karma Media Entertainment.
The film was initially set to be released on June 26, 2020, but the COVID pandemic made it impossible for the creators to fulfill their ambitions for a release on the big screen.

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Thalaivi to release on big screen or OTT?

Although the year 2020 was the year of the rise of the OTT platform in India, the creators of the highly anticipated Kangana starrer Thalaivi are hesitant about a digital release. The film was to be released on April 23, 2021 as a multilingual franca premiere for Hindi, Telugu and Tamil-speaking diaspora.

As the movie was all grand, glorifying Jaya Lalitha’s immortal soul, the OTT platforms were all ears offering the creators a hugely impressive deal as such patriotic biopics have become a huge hit, according to the records.

But they didn’t know their dreams were going to collapse as the creators are strictly determined to put out a big screen theatrical release for the film. They wait patiently for things to get regular and are willing to wait even more so that this charismatic good movie gets a shot at the big screens.

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