Taylor Swift’s New Movie Struggles to Attract an Audience Beyond the Fanbase (Report)

Only Swifties will watch it The Eras tour movie? A new survey gave a strong indication of who will see Taylor Swift in theaters this October.

After its announcement, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour earned more than $37 million from AMC, Regal and Cinemark in the first 24 hours of pre-sales. That’s more than Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame or Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

According to DeadlineDuring its opening weekend at the domestic box office, the film is expected to open to at least $70 million.

General Audience Uninterested in Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie

Taylor Swift Eras Concert
Taylor Swift

New data from The Quorum revealed how many non-Taylor Swift fans are interested The Eras tour movie.

After surveying people, the research firm found that only 39% of those potential moviegoers were interested in seeing The Eras tour in theaters.

The respondents are divided into five categories based on their experience with the Eras Tour concert:

  1. Yes, I saw the concert
  2. I wanted to, but the tickets were too expensive
  3. I wanted to, but the tickets were sold out
  4. I wanted to, but didn’t for another reason
  5. No, and I’m not interested

The majority of those wanting to see the upcoming film have either already seen Taylor Swift perform live or want to but couldn’t for various reasons.

Only 10% of those who were not interested in seeing the concert were interested in seeing it The Eras tour movie.

As The Quorum noted, this theatrical release is aimed at Swift’s fans and may not reach a wider audience, raising the question of how successful the concert film will actually be.

The Eras Tour film problem

The opening weekend of The Eras tour film becomes a feast for the eyes. It will almost certainly be the No. 1 movie of the week and could even break $100 million.

What’s unique about this film, however, is that the majority of people who see it will (most likely) not only be there during its opening weekend, but also have purchased their tickets in advance.

Walk-up sales for Taylor Swift’s new movie could be almost non-existent, as this is much more of a fan event than a standard theater experience.

On Swift’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, she promoted “Era clothing, friendship bracelets, singing and dancing encouraged” just like a fan would attend the concert in a stadium.

While this could be a blast for Swifties everywhere, it won’t be a draw for the Sunday matinee crowd looking to catch the latest Hollywood production.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will be in cinemas from Friday, October 13.

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