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Tamilrockers 2021: Tamilrockers Movie Download, Illegal Tamil Movies HD

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Who are Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is an online portal dealing with piracy and illegal release of Indian movies. They initially started with Tollywood and Kollywood movies, but gradually also started uploading newly released Bollywood movies. Piracy is a huge problem all over the world. Producers lose a lot of money when piracy sites leak unreleased movies on the Internet. This site makes the situation worse.

This website (Tamilrockers) has brought many filmmakers to the brink of bankruptcy. And the attempts to seize their operations are only temporarily successful.

tamilrockers movie leak site


You may wonder how piracy websites such as Tamilrockers access the movies? Well, before a movie comes out, the filmmakers host an inside premiere for the press and other industry leaders. Filmmakers hold premieres in places like preview theaters and recording studios that of course get a copy of the film. This is true pirated websites can access unreleased movies. All they have to do is bribe the studio officials to get a copy of the print preview and voila!

How are Tamilrockers printed illegally?

Another way they get illegal prints is through Worldwide Film Distribution (WDF) technology. Under WDF, theaters can access the movie uploaded to secure servers and stream it on their screens. Tamil rockers approach the theaters and buy their streaming link to get a copy of the movie. The piracy sites also pay people to shoot the movies in theaters after release. It seems there are endless ways piracy websites like Tamilrockers get their hands on these movies.

Tamilrockers is legal?

TFPC shuts down Tamilrockers Web Handles

While concerned authorities are taking the necessary steps to stop piracy, the Tamilrockers have also managed to avoid them. They are constantly changing domain names to fool authorities. In June 2018, the TFPC anti-piracy cell managed to arrest some Tamil Rocker admins. They also managed to close two of their web handles. Here’s TFPC’s social media tweet announcing their victory over Tamil rockers:

Why it is difficult to stop Tamilrockers

However, it seems that everything went for nothing, as Tamilrockers is active again under a different domain name. Anti-piracy agencies seem to have a long way to go.

What is your take on piracy?

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