TamilDbox Website 2020 – A to Z list of Tamil movies online – is it useful?

If you are looking for an ideal place to satisfy your urge to watch Tamil movies, then you can definitely choose the TamilDbox site. This site features all kinds of Tamil movies which are divided into different sections. All south Indian movies like Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu movies are listed on this site.

The users of this site like to watch movies in HD format. Besides all South Indian movies, TamilDbox also provides popular Hindi and English movies for free download process. Downloading and watching videos on this site is free. There are no additional costs for streaming movies here.

History of the TamilDbox site

In the early 2000s, several sites emerged offering free movie downloads. Many sites made a profit by letting their users download their favorite movies for free. With all the sites budding, the TamilDbox site also popped up. This site was famous for its huge collection of South Indian movies. The site also features Hindi and English films. The users of this website can select their desired movies from the categories listed on the site. There is also a comment box for the users to comment on their favorite movies.

How does it work?

The TamilDbox site is a torrent website that uploads all content in illegal form. The owners of this website operate the site from undisclosed locations. There is also a network of advertisements involved with the site to make a profit. All kinds of South Indian movies are available for free download on the website. All movies and shows are present in HD formats to provide a great movie experience to the viewers.

Is it safe to access the TamilDbox site?

The TamilDbox site falls under the category of torrent websites operating illegally on the internet. The government has banned these websites due to legal issues for violating Indian law. TamilDbox movies and other such types of websites are not safe and suitable for all uses. It leaks all recent Tamil and Telugu movies within hours of theatrical release. Any content uploaded on the website is illegal and in violation of anti-piracy laws.

Is it legal to use the TamilDbox site?

No, the TamilDbox site is not legal at all due to the improvement of the ban by the government. If someone is caught downloading and watching movies on this site, he or she could be detained for the crime. Downloading movies and shows from this website is an indirect act to support these types of websites.

People who visit these types of websites subconsciously support the activities of these websites. So people need to distance themselves from these types of websites for any purpose. They can use legal platforms to watch movies that are common on the internet.

Alternatives to the TamilDbox site

Specialties from the TamilDbox site

Several features of TamilDbox have been identified, which draw many visitors to this website to show the download process.

Following are the features or specialties included on the website for better streaming of movies and shows:

  • Many movies like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are uploaded in it.
  • All latest or recent movies are uploaded on the website and downloaded for free in HD quality.
  • The TamilDbox server is fast and therefore provides maximum speed for the download process.
  • The TamilDbox website is mobile friendly and compatible with any smartphone.
  • The resolutions of movies and shows are of good quality. Users can watch movies on this website.


As a well-respected company in this country, we do not support any of these websites like TamilDbox, Moviesda, Jio rockers, etc. They are completely prohibited and should not be used for the download process. People should not indulge in such websites as they are harmful and can lead to adverse conditions. We do not strictly support these types of websites.

The content written above is only to make people aware of these types of websites that are prevalent on the Internet. We urge our readers not to indulge in such types of websites that can significantly damage your reputation and life.

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