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If you are a fan of Punjabi songs then keep exploring many websites to find that one site that can give you what you are looking for. Then the DjPunjab site is your savior. Many sites offering Punjabi songs are paid or free, but a good option to download Punjabi songs is DjPunjab.

This site is full of all accessible collection of Punjabi songs in excellent resolution. This website is dedicated to only one language song – Punjabi songs. There are no songs in any other language on this website. People who love Punjabi music can definitely come to this site to satisfy their urge for Punjabi music.

History of the DjPunjab site

DjPunjab site falls under the category of torrent websites that uploads all content in illegal forms. Other music platforms have songs in different languages ​​on their site which makes a Punjabi user quite annoyed.

But the DjPunjab site is only for Punjabi music, with any type of music like folk, romance, etc. The website provides all audio and video Punjabi songs with all Haranayvi and Hindi songs in a row. Some Tamil and Telugu songs are also on the site which draws users to the site. Users can download their favorite songs from this website for free.

How does DjPunjab Site work?

The website works, is very simple and easy. All songs can be downloaded from this site in specific resolutions. The website owners manage it from unnamed locations. There is a search panel on the website that allows users to search the desired songs to download. The ads are promoted on this website to make a profit.

Is it safe to access DjPunjab site?

Downloading songs from this website is not considered safe at all. DjPunjab site has been banned in India for anti-piracy violations. The Indian government has banned such types of websites under anti-piracy laws. The Government of India has the power to punish violators of this law. Hence, people should keep away from such websites as they can lead them to unfavorable conditions.

Is it legal to use the DjPunjab site?

No, the DjPunjab site is not legal at all as it is an illegal website and contains all content in illegal form. Violators of the law are severely punished when caught red-handed. The Government of India has banned such websites for piracy of movies, songs and shows. People are not allowed to use DjPunjab site or other websites to download or stream movies and songs.

Alternatives to DjPunjab site

Since DjPunjab site is a torrent website, which is not a legal and credible source for song downloading, some legal platforms are used instead. These alternatives are more secure and legal than DjPunjab and other torrent websites in this category.

Following is the list of alternatives to the DjPunjab site that can be used instead:

  • Spotify
  • You Tube
  • Jio music
  • Wynk Music
  • Goa
  • Hungama
  • UC player
  • sound Cloud
  • Amazon Music
  • Jamendo music

Specialties from DjPunjab site

There are several specialties of the DjPunjab site that make it unique. These features draw many users to the site to download. Everyone can stream their favorite audio and video songs here for free. Downloading songs from this website is considered illegal and not safe.

Following are the features of the DjPunjab site that make it unique:

  • The site features all types of Punjabi music in all types of genres.
  • Downloading songs here on this site is free. No other costs are deducted from users.
  • Other types of songs like Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi songs on the site
  • The search panel makes it easy for users to search for their favorite songs.
  • There are some resolutions of numbers from which the user chooses the desired resolution.
  • The site is mobile-friendly and user-friendly.


We, as a well-respected company in this country, do not support these websites in any way. These websites are for downloading songs in illegal forms that are not safe and illegal. People should use legal platforms to stream and download songs.

The content written above is written for educational purposes only; we do not support these websites. The content is mainly intended to introduce people to these websites.

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