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Tamil Nadu forest ranger emotionally says goodbye to dead elephant. Watch heartbreaking video

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An emotional video of a forest ranger breaking down while saying goodbye to an elephant is going viral, and it will be the most heartbreaking thing you’ll see today. The video is from Tamil Nadu.


The ranger, who can be seen in the clip, was reportedly taking care of the injured elephant while it was being treated at Sadivayal Elephant Camp in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. However, the gentle giant succumbed to his injuries, despite the best efforts of the forestry department staff, and left the man in tears.


In the clip, the ranger can be seen crying and gently stroking the elephant’s trunk. Since the video surfaced online, it has been shared on various platforms and has gone viral.

Ramesh Pandey, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, wrote the video on Twitter: “It is really moving to see his companion ranger make a tearful bid for an elephant at Sadivayal Elephant Camp in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu . “

The official IFS Association Twitter account wrote, “Some emotions cannot be expressed in words. Gone from his sight, but not from his heart. A #Forestor who took care of an injured elephant in masinagudi, @MudumalaiTR, #Tamilnadu, crying after his death. #GreenWarriors (sic) . “

The video garnered thousands of views across platforms and also struck a chord with netizens. See some notes:

This video has left us in tears.

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