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Confirmed release date, cast and plot

Death in Paradise is one of the most sensual TV drama series that follows the criminal theory. Created by Robert Thorogood, this show has been on television for ten years. Anyone who has seen the show can understand the story and how addictive it can get at times. Over a decade, 10 seasons of this drama have been released and now the 11th season is being talked about. Will the crime be higher than it was for season 11? Is Death in Paradise Season 11 Coming? Death in Paradise is without a doubt one of the great British TV series. When the show premiered, thousands of fans already loved the storyline. The show seemed to have an excellence in its…

Film Review and Summary ‘Hard Eight’ –

Film Review and Summary ‘Hard Eight’ –

Who doesn't love a good gambling movie? Released in 1996, Hard Eight is the lengthy directorial debut of Paul Thomas Anderson. He has received huge critical acclaim for movies like There will be blood, Inherent Vice, and Punch-drunk love, but he got his start in filmmaking with a classic story about gamblers getting a little too deep into it. Today, the film also feels like a moment frozen in time. While land-based casinos are still popular locations, most professional gamblers get their chance to play at online casinos. There they take advantage of big cash bonuses while still being able to participate in live casino games like craps so they can be a part of the action just like the…

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Kudi Yedamaithe Web Series Review

BOTTOM LINE A gripping thriller with a unique premise OUR REVIEW 3/5 Platform ahh Videos What is the performance about? Aadhi (Rahul Vijay) is a delivery boy who works at Repeat, while Durga (Amala Paul) is the CI at Khairatabad Police Station. They have nothing in common. However, the kidnapping of a boy, Varun, binds them together in an unusual way. What is their connection? Did it help save the boy? It forms the basic plot of the series. Performance Amala Paul is the star attraction of the show. She plays a cop with attitude (in parts) and heroism. It's right in her zone, given Amala Paul's vast experience in the commercial space. She takes charge and does it convincingly.…

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