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Simran Khan is an Indian model and actress who works in web series and short films for Indian video steaming apps and OTT Platforms like Ullu app, CinePrime, and Rabbit app. The actress has gained a good fan following and became one of the most requested actresses to be seen in the new series. Chhal Games of Karma Chhal Games or Karma Ullu Web Series. it is one of the successful series that covered more audiences. Chhal narrates the story of the girl who earns money by kidnapping her customers. All the latest episodes of the Games of Karma Chhal Ullu web series were released today on 4th January 2022 (Tuesday). [embed][/embed] Palang Tod Caretaker Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu latest…

Caught by a wave: release date, cast, plot and trailer

What do we think of when we think of Italy? Well, as a foodie, my first thought is pizza. Although Italy is not all about pizza. Here's a burgeoning Italian-language romantic movie that will make you long for your first love. Massimiliano Camaiti directed Caught by a Wind as a romantic drama. Let's follow a teen love story on Netflix with Camaiti's movie. Release date: Caught by a wave The film will be released in the next three days. To be precise, Caught by a Wave will premiere on Netflix on March 25, 2021. Cast: Caught by a wave The star cast of Caught by a Wave includes the following personalities: Antonio's character is played by Vincenzo Amato. The character…

Kota Factory Season 3 has been officially confirmed by the director

Kota Factory Season 3 has been officially confirmed by the director

TVF's Kota Factory is one of the most recognized web series for Indians. After the series was released on Netflix, it gained popularity through the massive platform. No wonder Kota Factory season 2 is getting such a huge round of applause from the fans. Now that season 2 has aired, fans are looking forward to season 3 of Kota Factory. The web series follows the lives of the students taking the country's technical entrance exam. Following the daily life of these young students who are often pressured by the people and society to pass the exam to live a luxurious life. Kota Factory revolves around Vaibhav Pandey, one of the aspirants preparing for the Jee exams. Along with him, the…

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