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Sexy Beasts: Is this the craziest dating series ever? Watch the latest Netflix Original –

Just in case there were any doubts, Netflix is ​​releasing a new original series that reminds everyone that we all exist in the worst timeline. Sexy Beasts is a new romantic reality show. The setup is simple: people go on blind dates, wear make-up and prosthetics that make their heads look like animals. Yes, you read that right, and yes, we are just as shocked as you are. Believe it or not, this horror show has been tried before. In 2014, BBC Three aired their own version of Sexy Beasts, with more or less exactly the same starting point. Since then, the show has been adapted by A&E in America, Sixx in Germany and KBS in Korea. Netflix is ​​just…

Supergirl: Alex Danvers is finally a mom

Supergirl: Alex Danvers is finally a mom

There's something important about the fact that Alex and Kelly's first struggle as parents was decidedly non-alien. Like the famous Buffy episode "The Body" (but tonally 180° different), some of the biggest events in these characters' lives are a hard fact, the flesh-and-blood reality that the rest of us have to live with in the real life. world. There will be time for Esme to have problems with her gifts, and we've already seen some of that. But super girl is also a show that aims to show that for a kid like Esme, who was abruptly separated from her family and sent to multiple bad foster homes and group homes, feeling safe will be hard, even now that she's…

Next Up… Our Beloved Summer Season 1, Episodes 15 & 16

Next Up… Our Beloved Summer Season 1, Episodes 15 & 16

  This week's episodes of Our Beloved Summer was all about Ung and Yeon-su starting to navigate their new relationship. No doubt they have done this dance before, but now they are getting older and presumably wiser, so they know for sure that there will be a lot of trouble. And they will be honest! But those around them, so far not pointing to cases in normal, might cleverly conspire to look at their connection in Our Beloved Summer season 1, episodes 15 and 16, each of which could end next week. Here's a quote from our trendiest roundup: It seems like a very powerful love that they will long for too, since Our Favored Summer, but again packs a…

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