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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 12 Spoilers: What’s in store for us in ‘Shame’?

Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 12 Spoilers: What’s in store for us in ‘Shame’?

After the big premiere tonight, you want to know what's going to happen good problems season 3 episode 12? Let's just say the drama just keeps going. Some big questions arise about Callie and Mariana's friendship, as some decisions regarding Kathleen can have far-reaching consequences. Meanwhile, some decisions from Gael's past may be looming really big in the present, and there are a few more surprises to expect from start to finish. Because we are quiet stil so early in the second part of the season, just know ahead of time that the writers will be throwing curveballs at you from start to finish. For more details, be sure to take a look at the good problems season 3 episode…

Review: Atypical, the last season

Review: Atypical, the last season

Atypical his family comedy ended with season 4, which recently became available on Netflix. When I finally found out atypical,,I watched the first 3 seasons in one big weekend. It took a while for this final season, but I was glad I played it to the end.   The story in atypical revolves around a family. Every family is unique in its own way. This family has a son with autism and an obsession with penguins. The daughter is a bisexual trackster. The parents, Elsa and Doug, are played by Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport. These two parents do their best, but they don't always agree on what exactly is best. Teens Casey and Sam are played by Brigette…

‘Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2 Episode 8 – Eclipso Terrorizes [Spoiler]

‘Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2 Episode 8 – Eclipso Terrorizes [Spoiler]

In case anyone was on the fence about Eclipso, DC's Stargirl revealed this week that, on top of everything else, the evil demon is racist to boot. This Tuesday's episode took place on July 4 and started off sweetly enough, with school teacher Miss Woods driving to Rick's house to not only apologize for the charge of cheating, but also deliver college brochures and financial aid information. “College was a place where I could start over,” she said — and maybe Rick can too. However, Rick's uncle gets wind of it and scoffs at the idea, saying, "You'll end up in jail before you go to college." Frustrated, Rick drives into the woods to roar into the void, "I'm so…

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