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Selena: The Series – The cast and crew of the series mistreated by Netflix? –

The cast and crew of the series mistreated by Netflix?  –

When Selena: The Series was green lit for the first time, the cast and crew couldn't have been happier. The project was a high-profile opportunity for Latinx creators to show the world what they could do. And in a way it was kind of a no-brainer: a TV show about the life of one of the most popular Latin American musicians, whose music crossed borders and languages? How can that not be Netflix's next big hit? And it was. While the streaming giant is known for not revealing exact numbers when it comes to viewership of its shows, it was no secret that Selena: The Series dominated Netflix's Top 10 charts in several countries as soon as it was released.…

Season 4 ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer Shows Elf’s New Life

Season 4 ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer Shows Elf’s New Life

Season 4 'Stranger Things' Trailer Shows Elf's New Life The new Strange things The Season 4 trailer gives fans a glimpse into Elf's new life. A brand new trailer for season 4 of Netflix's hit series Strange things it came out. This new trailer gives fans the biggest glimpse of some of the most exciting footage from the highly anticipated fourth season, focusing on the series' breakthrough character, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). When we last saw Elf in Strange things Season 3, she was taken in by the Byers family as they moved from Hawkins, Indiana and to California in hopes of escaping the chaos they experienced in the first three seasons. The trailer shows Eleven writing a letter to…

When Vampires Season 2 is set to premiere? Release, Cast, Plot And Much More !!

vampires season 2

Netflix released Vampires in March 2020 and became an instant hit amongst the audience. The show follows the life of a Paris teen who struggles with her dual identity as half-human and half-vampire. Fans of the Twilight saga and Vampire Diaries are bound to love this new series which is set in a world where vampirism is caused by a mutated gene. Vampires Season 2: Release Date Netflix released the hot new Vampires Season 1 recently in late March 2020. We can expect a second season in the later months of 2021. As the first season ended with a big cliffhanger, we are sure this series will get a second season. As the first series was only released on March…

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