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Saturday Night Live: When will it be back in 2022?

When will it be back in 2022?

Entering tonight's new Saturday Night Live, we honestly wondered if the show would even announce when it would return. Think of all the chaos this weekend! This is the most tumultuous day of a live show we can remember, and we wondered if NBC would hesitate to reveal the future with that in mind. We'd love to see the show back in January, of course, especially since we don't like interruptions with this show during the season that last longer than a month. But ultimately we recognize that everything is relatively subject to change. If the virus continues to ravage New York, the show may wait a little longer or change a few other things. We're not sure if they'll…

Obi-Wan Kenobi Actor O’Shea Jackson Jr Calls It The Best Job Ever

Obi-Wan Kenobii actor O'Shea Jackson Jr calls the upcoming Star Wars Disney Plus series the best job ever. The road to the upcoming Disney Plus Obi Wan Kenobi Star Wars series has been long. It was originally rumored that the series would be a solo movie starring the Jedi Master. After the underperformance of Solo: A Star Wars Story, many of the ideas for stand alone Star Wars movies were scrapped and/or turned into Disney Plus projects. The Obi-Wan Kenobi series was one such project. Earlier this year, the cast for the Obi Wan Kenobi Star Wars series was revealed, including O'Shea Jackson Jr. Perhaps best known for playing his father in Straight from Compton, Jackson has quickly built his…

Crazy Uncles is a sweet warning for middle-aged men: Mano

Crazy Uncles is a sweet warning for middle-aged men: Mano

Singer Mano is one of the legendary singers of Telugu cinema who started his career as a child artist. He will be featured in one of the lead roles in an upcoming comedy entertainer Crazy Uncles. Sreekukhi will star, while Raja Ravindra and Bharani will star in other lead roles under the direction of E Sathi Babu. Mano says he is excited every time to dub for Rajinikanth in Telugu. Muthu was the first movie that Mano dubbed for Rajini and before that used Sai Kumar for the superstar. He also dubbed for Kamal Haasan for two films- Sathi Leelavathi and Brahmachari. Mano has sung 25,000 songs in his 4 decades-long career and stated that together with SP Balu, he…

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