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Promo for the ‘Succession’ Season 3 Episode 3 Reveals Shocking News!

Promo for the ‘Success’ Season 3 Episode 3 Reveals Shocking News!

The battle for Waystar Royco has begun and the dividing lines have never been clearer. You're either Team Logan or Team Kendall, and both are currently recruiting to get the most valuable players on board for the all-important shareholder meeting. But it seems no one is happy to be on either team. Logan's position is weak, but Kendall's leadership is weaker. While everyone is arguing about the least bad option, the succession Season 3 Episode 3 promo asks a critical question: Has anyone considered punching people in the face and see if that solves the problem? After the premiere episode saw Logan hand the open Waystar CEO title to Gerri, passing both Roman and Shiv, both kids jockeying for the…

The White Lotus Season 2: Did Armond or Rachel die?

Did Armond or Rachel die?

As we prepared for The white lotus finale on HBO tonight, we naturally came up with a wide variety of different questions. Of course, the biggest one we had was just this: who would get killed at the end. For some time now, the show has been teasing a death - at least long enough that we've started imagining it happening in many different places and to many different people. There are some whose passing would feel a little more predictable; after all, not everyone on this show is necessarily in perfect health. However, there are some others that could feel more like a haymaker, courtesy of executive producer Mike White. However, for much of the episode, we'll admit that…

Roshaan Garry to shoot an OTT series in Lucknow | Web Series

Filmmaker Roshaan Garry Bhinder will shoot her next project in and around Lucknow Filmmaker Roshaan Garry Bhinder will shoot her next project in and around Lucknow. titled sifhara it was initially planned as a feature film but now it will be shot as her first full-fledged OTT series which might run into the next season. “I have already been to Lucknow and know the texture as well as the feel of the city. The story is that of youngsters and its set-up very well matches with the vibes of the city in terms of colours, flavors and rustic location which plays a vital character in the series,” says Bhinder. Inspired by the backdrop of the movie Ishaqzaade, which was shot…

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