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Berserk Ending Explained & Plot Summary

Well, let us clear one thing first, this is not the anime or manga Berserk, this is the 2019 dark comedy movie that had managed to blow people's minds. However, this movie did not get quite an appreciation or recognition because of its dark comedy. Most dark comedies usually cannot come to the mainstream, because everyone cannot catch the standard of the humor that is set in the movie. Hence, for people who want to understand the movie, and enjoy it. Hence, in this article, we will be going over Berserk Ending Explained and also more about the movie. Unfortunately, the rating of the movie was quite low.Of course, Berserk is not something that is to be watched with your…

Best TV Performance 2021: ‘Succession’ star Jeremy Strong

Last week here at TVLine, we nominated 20 of our favorite TV performances from 2021 for our annual Performer of the Year award. It was a stacked field, to be sure, and we really could have gone a number of ways with our final choice. But after looking at the television landscape and debating which actor is most deserving of this year's top prize, we came up with one name: succession star Jeremy Strong. Strong's character Kendall Roy was set up to have a great year: after all, he was about to take down his domineering father Logan and take control of the family business Waystar Royco once and for all. And in the opening episodes of Season 3, Strong…

Find out where they are now in the trailer of ‘After the Altar’ –

Find out where they are now in the trailer of ‘After the Altar’ –

During a post-vaccination summer, the first days of the lockdown can be hard to remember. However, in the early days of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most of us were locked up and glued to the TV when we weren't in zoom meetings or trying a new recipe in the kitchen. As a result, some shows that disappeared over time became viral series, as people across the board were running out of new shows to take their minds of the scary, ever-changing and (don't say it) strange & uncertain times outside their doors. Netflix's Love is blind was one of the most notable of such series, as the show premiered in mid-February 2020 and dropped every week for three weeks at…

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