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How To Be Thirty Episode 8: release date, watch online and preview

Not Yet Thirty is an ongoing South Korean drama. Featuring Jung In Sun, Kang Min Hyuk, Ahn Hee Yeon, Song Jae Rim, Cha Min Ji and Baek Sung Chul. The drama is about a group of friends in their thirties and how they deal with their life problems. The first look and teaser of the drama aired in February. The fans got all excited when their favorite actor and actress appeared on the screen. The brand new combination of the actors Jung In Sun and Kang Min Hyuk is highly appreciated by their fans. A still from How To Be ThirtyA brief recap of episode 7 Episode 7 of How to Be Thirty begins with Seo Ji Won's nostalgic recollection…

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How To Watch –

There's such a thing as a good problem, and that's what Netflix is ​​facing right now with Squid Game: Too many people are watching the hit Korean drama. So much so that a South Korean ISP is suing Netflix for using too much bandwidth because of traffic spikes caused by megastreamers. SK Broadband demands that the platform pays all maintenance costs due to the explosive streaming numbers. This news comes after a court in Seoul ruled that Netflix should "reasonably" pay the Internet service provider for its excessive network usage, according to Reuters. A handful of South Korean lawmakers have spoken out against content providers (like Netflix) that don't have the money to pay for network usage, even though they…

The Paradise Season 3 has canceled or renewed everything so far

The Paradise Season 3 has canceled or renewed everything so far

Will there be a season 3 of The Paradise? So far, the BBC or other streaming platforms have not chosen the series for season 3. As of now, there are no chances of the series being renewed. Insights The series is just a simple drama with lots of twists and turns. Creators wrapped the story well in two seasons. So I think with such low numbers, the chances of renewing the series are very slim. If you like historical dramas, give The Paradise a try. Well, I personally feel like there are much better options available in the market right now. So tell me, folks, how do you like the series? If you have any questions about The Paradise series,…

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