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Rodney Mathews Eliminated on Birthplace Dates

this evening the bachelorette episode was easily one of the most important of the season - that's what happens when dates come in hometown! Sometimes these episodes can shift the needle significantly in terms of who the lead ends up with. Going into the episode, our assumption was that Nayte, Joe, and Brandon would be the final three - Rodney forever called himself the underdog, and the unfortunate thing about underdogs is that they're rarely the ones who come out on top. There was a bit of ambiguity in Michelle's decision tonight, with that courtesy of Nayte's hometown. There was a LOT of concern about whether he would really be ready to get engaged as he had never brought women…

[PHOTOS] ‘The Flash’ Season 8 ‘Armageddon’ Episode 4 — Thawne, Darhk

[PHOTOS] ‘The Flash’ Season 8 ‘Armageddon’ Episode 4 — Thawne, Darhk

This may explain why The flash's Barry Allen was not warmly received as he raced super fast to the year 2031. The last time we tuned in, a desperate Barry had traveled 10 years ahead to get clues about how he'll one day make the Earth dirty. However, his first stop was a exceptional, crashing a chic soiree attended by super girl's Alex Danvers, batwoman's Ryan Wilder and more of the best from the Arrowverse - and where Eobard Thawne (played by Tom Cavanagh, the former series director) loved Iris! Spotting the uninvited guest, Iris, Cecile et al laymen no too satisfied. And that may be because, among a slew of photos released for part 4 of the five-week 'Armageddon'…

Many Saab pre-release event today Watch live stream online – Pawan Kalyan

Famed talented star Pawan Kalyan returns to the theater with his next film Vakeel Saab, produced by Bay View Projects and Sri Venkateswara Creation. Both the writer and director of this film are Sriram Venu. This film can be considered as the opening film for Pawan Kalyan after his political career with the Jana Sena Party. A few times before, Sri Venkateswara Creations has also announced the date of the film's pre-release. And already known that the film will hit the big screen on April 9, 2021. Casts for the movie The movie features such celebrities as Pawan Kalyan, Prakash Raj, Shruti Hasan, Anjali and Ananya Nagalla. [embed][/embed] The plot of the movie This film is the remake of the…

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