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Marvel fans react to the Loki finale

Marvel fans react to the Loki finale

This article contains spoilers for the Loki final. So we now officially know that Marvel's Loki will be back for season 2, but this week it ended its first season on Disney+ by blowing up the MCU as we know it and restoring the Marvel multiverse, which once existed but was actually at war with itself. Apparently Miss Minutes at least spoke the truth in that part of her TVA orientation video. In the Loki finale, “Forever. Always.", we met the villainous Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors), who first discovered the multiverse as a scientist on Earth and decided he had the answer to all of the multiverse's territorial problems in the future: build a saint timeline controlled by the…

Madras Rockers .com – Watch your favorite movies online for FREE!

Madras Rockers Madras Rockers is an online piracy website. A website that allows users to download copyrighted movies. The infamous online portal that only leak Tamil and Tamil dubbed movies. These movies were leaked before they were released in theaters. South Indian industry is the hardest hit industry in India due to piracy. For example, according to the report of a global accountancy and consultancy firm. The movies like Baahubali and Deloitte, which were some of the biggest budget movies, were copied illegally on the day of release. Piracy remains a huge problem and the loss has always been great. As technology advances, people are finding new ways to do illegal things. The easy access to technology has meant that…

StarDog and TurboCat: Everything you should pay attention to

StarDog and TurboCat: Everything you should pay attention to:

Found from watching 3D computer animation movies? And since your childhood you admire superheroes….. Besides you are a dog person. If you have all these three things in mind, then we are here with a golden opportunity for you. Yes!!!!! You read that right….golden opportunity for you. Being here means you have all these things in your head. Is it not? Now let's talk about the fascinating golden opportunity for the purpose you are here for. Well, it's a movie with superheroes, a dog person and a lot more… especially with the 3D animation. And the name of the movie is- "StarDog and TurboCat". The title also gives us a hint. To collect everything about the movie, keep scrolling with…

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