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‘Possessor’ Ending Explained: Is Tasya a Monster?

‘Possessor’ Ending Explained: Is Tasya a Monster?

"A ghost has possessed her/him" - You must have heard such a phrase, in movies or in real life. This rule can also be expected as it is believed that some ghosts roam around and have powers to possess. But what if we tell you that the spirit of one living woman possesses another living person? Will you believe it? Well, here's a movie, Possessor, that makes you believe such things up to 1 hour 43 minutes or at the end of 'Possessor', you should expect such things in the future. This movie shows you a company where a woman who is their employer is used to own other people to kill their targets. She is put into a machine…

Berserk Ending Explained & Plot Summary

Berserk Ending Explained & Plot Summary

Well, let us clear one thing first, this is not the anime or manga Berserk, this is the 2019 dark comedy movie that had managed to blow people's minds. However, this movie did not get quite an appreciation or recognition because of its dark comedy. Most dark comedies usually cannot come to the mainstream, because everyone cannot catch the standard of the humor that is set in the movie. Hence, for people who want to understand the movie, and enjoy it. Hence, in this article, we will be going over Berserk Ending Explained and also more about the movie. Unfortunately, the rating of the movie was quite low.Of course, Berserk is not something that is to be watched with your…

Why Black Widow’s Smells Like Teen Spirit Cover Works

Who sings Black Widow's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" cover? Director Cate Shortland does a great job packing a ton of explanatory information into the opening titles of Black Widow, without feeling like an info dump. She does this by using a slowed-down, orchestral cover of Nirvana's Gen X fear ballad "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as an emotional continuous line. The cover was produced by the composers collective Think about anger, featuring singer-songwriter Malia J, who has also done covers of Seal's "Crazy" and Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" in trailers for shows such as Bloodlines and The Handmaid's Tale (this is the second time a Marvel movie has used a Nirvana number. In 2019 Captain miracle, "Come As You…

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