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Live Telecast Review: A medley of scenes that is soulless and emotionless

Venkat Prabhu and Kajal Aggarwal's digital debut 'Live Telecast' is a lesson on the Horrors of Horror Template 101 However you look at it, horror is a genre dead in Tamil cinema, barring obvious exceptions like Mysskin's Pisaasu, Milind Rao's Aval and Ashwin Saravanan's Game over who tried to break with genre conventions. If it had been a different filmmaker, you wouldn't care. Live broadcast is by Venkat Prabhu. That's what hurts the most. It's not that Venkat Prabhu didn't make bad movies. Even in those movies you could see the film maker's stamp everywhere - Massu Engira Masilamani comes to mind. It was not a great movie. But the moments were well thought out and the ideas were wild.…

Yellowstone Recap: Season 4 Episode 3… Find Out If Jimmy Is Really Leaving

Yellowstone Recap: Season 4 Episode 3… Find Out If Jimmy Is Really Leaving

How is Yellowstone like a runaway stallion? Once it's started, there's no stopping it! Example: Sunday "All I See Is You." In the space of an hour, we got a bittersweet goodbye that was heavy on the bitter, a trip to the train station, and what two couples sure looked like the beginning - maybe even the middle? - from the end. Oh, and there was also a massacre! Saddle up, and we'll run through every plot twist... 'YOU'RE LUCKY I DON'T DRILL A HOLE IN THE SIDE OF THAT BARN, TAKE THE FOR A RIDE' | When the episode started, Kayce, Rip & Co. the militia that had attacked the Duttons. Back at the ranch, the only distraction from…

Is Jughead now deaf after the 100th episode?

Is Jughead now deaf after the 100th episode?

Based on what we saw on Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5 Is Jughead Jones Deaf Now? Is that how we should interpret the ending? There's no denying that the show's 100th episode was one filled with a wide variety of twists and turns. It was weird, silly and certainly confusing at times. We've never seen an episode like this. We saw a lot of Jughead's authorship, but we also gave a lot of nods to the comics that started it all. There was a lot of celebration with the source material and we lived for that. But by the end of the episode, we had a blast, and that's the fullest of full circle moments in a couple of different…

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