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Result of Koimoi Audience Poll 2020: Best Actor, Actress & Film! (Photo Credit - Kangana Ranaut / Instagram / Sushant Singh Rajput / Facebook / Imdb)Result of Koimoi Public Poll 2020: We conducted polls for a month and a half to get your opinion on the 'best of 2020' and today we are here with the eighth edition of the results. A lot of movie enthusiasts participated and shared their valuable feedback by voting for their favorites in the categories - Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Picture. Let's take a look at the results: Best Actress While the winning% is the same for Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu, the former won it with a whisker (3 votes to be…

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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Spoilers: Season 6, Episode 9 – Episode Behrad

This Sunday, Legends of tomorrow (The CW, 8/7c) catches on and reveals how the Waverider's favorite stoner came to be. Forgetting Behrad's birthday, the team instead hunt an alien pod to the set of a TV show that also happens to be the birthday boy's old favorite. After Behrad makes the public mistake about recording tickets for a gift, he and his friends infiltrate the production and discover how important Bud Stuy, a sitcom about two Middle Eastern stoners, was in Behrad's formation. "This episode is kind of like Behrad's origin story," his portrayer Shayan Sobhian previews. "You get to see what made him, and it just happened to be his favorite sitcom, which I totally could relate to. I…

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