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Good Doctor Recap: Mateo Won’t Return in Season 5 – Osvaldo Benavides

Good Doctor Recap: Mateo Won’t Return in Season 5 – Osvaldo Benavides

Monday delivery of the good doctor marked the non-ceremonial (and off-screen) departure of St. Bonaventure's final hire. As TVLine reported exclusively on Oct. 25, Osvaldo Benavides is stepping down from his role as surgical treating Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma - although details of his exit story were kept secret at the time. Little did we know that his last episode aired later that night, on October 18. Mateo was nowhere to be seen during the November 1 episode - and Benavides was no longer credited as a regular series. Early in Season 5's fifth installment, titled "Crazytown," Lim told Salen that Mateo had been called away on a medical mission in Guatemala. "It was urgent," she explained, but he would…

Power Star will remain in my heart forever: Vaishnav Tej

Uppena's pre-release feature is being celebrated as a star-studded affair. During his speech, Buchi Babu revealed that Chiranjeevi gave him his phone number after listening to the story for four hours. He spoke highly of his protagonists Vaishnav Tej and Krithi Shetty. Buchi Babu added, "I felt that I only became a director after calling for action for you." Hero Vaishnav Tej seemed a bit nervous because it was his first public appearance and also that the event was attended by many special guests. “All family members treated me like their son and brother. Story is the real hero of Uppena. I just played a lead role. Thank you Mr Sukumar for the trust you have placed in me. I…

Breaking Bad: 10 Reasons Why “Face Off” Is The Show’s Best Episode

Breaking Bad: 10 Reasons Why “Face Off” Is The Show’s Best Episode

It could have been the series finale Apparently, at the time of this episode's airing, it was not guaranteed that the series would be renewed for another season. With this in mind, the writing team was able to perfectly combine both closing and eventual continuation scenarios. If cancellation were imminent, we would have left knowing that Walt and his family were now safe from all outside forces, but it came at the cost of their family patriarch's soul. However, the door was left wide open to enter into the eventual decline and demise of Bryan Cranston's remarkably portrayed character, and we did indeed get that image in a two-part final season. It has a very conscious sense of humor It…

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