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The Apple Watch SE has everything you need for fitness tracking

Every year, Apple sells us the most expensive and worst products. I am currently testing the iPhone 12 Pro Max and absolutely love it. The larger screen is great for reading and work tasks, and the new camera technology is great step forward. However, there are times when you have to look away from Apple's latest top releases. That's absolutely true with the new Apple Watch SE ($ 279) which launched last fall. It's not as powerful or feature-rich as the Watch Series 6 released at the same time, but it comes with everything you really need and costs $ 100 less. Here's what the SE doesn't have: it doesn't measure your blood oxygen level and it doesn't require an…

My Hero Academia: 6 Times Todoroki Made His Dad Proud (And Earned Our Respect)

My Hero Academia: 6 Times Todoroki Made His Dad Proud (And Earned Our Respect)

The relationship between Todoroki and Endeavor has never been close. Although Endeavor is the father of Shoto Todoroki, they both failed to maintain a healthy relationship because he held a grudge against his father. The anime and manga franchise, My Hero Academia promoted their relationship as if they were rivals. Todoroki has hated his father for years to defy him. Today, however, we managed to pull out fewer moments where Todoroki earned his father's respect. Throughout the series, Todoroki's character arcs take new turns and so does his relationship with his father. Let's take a look at the times Todoroki not only made his father proud, but also won our respect. In the end, the antagonist of the anime series…

Ashutosh Rana talks about recreating the infamous Aurangzeb

Ashutosh Rana talks about recreating the infamous Aurangzeb

Period dramas are the perfect way to relive different eras and the rich stories of our history. The larger-than-life sets, lavish costumes, and stunning visuals bring the story and characters to life, but a common thread running through all these sagas is that while we're advocating for the hero, it's all eyes on the antagonist, too. And when you think of villains, who better than Ashutosh Rana? He has given Indian cinema some of its most iconic adversaries – be it the role of a trans woman in Sangharsh, a serial killer in Dushman and now the actor has shivers down your spine as Aurangzeb, one of the most feared and powerful emperors of Indian history. Speaking of the same,…

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