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Money Heist: We * finally * have release dates from Netflix –

We * finally * have release dates from Netflix –

Netflix has finally announced their plans for the final season of The money heist (Money robbery). It's been a little over a year since the second season of eight episodes ended on a massive cliffhanger, and Netflix's previously announced season 3 will close the show and split into two parts. Now they've revealed that Volume One will air on September 3rd and Volume Two three months later on December 3rd. Money heist is the most popular non-English show Netflix produces. The final season spans ten episodes, with each five-episode arc getting a different focus. While the previous seasons also split in the middle, this time the pandemic changed the show's approach. Series creator Álex Pina said: “When we started writing…

The Uncanny Parallels Between The Beatles: Get Back and A Hard Day’s Night

A well-earned rest was shot in documentary style, and Jackson goes one step further by creating a calendar and dividing each chapter into the Beatles' working days. This includes one Saturday. Lester's film caught the wrong sides of cameras and falling amps, Jackson's filmed the overwhelming soundstage on which the Beatles will rehearse. The premise is the same as: let it be, Help out! and their first movie: They have to make an album, this time with a live performance at the end, and only a short time to do it. They have to leave the room in the Twickenham film studio where Ringo will be filming The Magical Christian with Peter Sellers, and Denis O'Dell standing there like a…

Peacemaker features James Gunn’s favorite soundtrack since Guardians of the Galaxy

Peacemaker features James Gunn’s favorite soundtrack since Guardians of the Galaxy

“It's a lot of '80s hair metal, but it's also a lot of sleaze rock and hair metal coming from Europe. It was nice to find the really good stuff to give the series its flavor, which we kept throughout the first season." peacekeeper plays John Cena's titular character The Suicide Squad, an obscure DC Comics killer obsessed with keeping the peace by whatever violent means necessary. As befits a hero (or villain?) with such a grandiose identity, the show's soundtrack is almost exclusively screeching, hyper-masculine Whitesnake-style glam bombast. (It also includes a musical opening credits sequence that is pure schlocky TV nirvana.) During the panel, Gunn talked about the circumstances that led to: peacekeeper in the first place. When…

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