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The Voice 21: Are Girl Named Tom, Wendy Moten the Favorites?

Are Girl Named Tom, Wendy Moten the Favorites?

Technically we know that there are still two rounds of play left the voice 21, but do we know the top two yet? At the moment it feels obvious, although this may be where we can get ourselves into trouble. The first thing we should notice here is something that we never thought we'd notice with this show: a trio might just be the favorite to win the whole thing. Non-solo acts traditionally have a much harder time succeeding on this show, and we've long theorized it has to do with more people for viewers to get to know. There are also so many things that can go wrong in group performances, but Girl Named Tom has come up with…

Prodigal Son actress plays a big role

There are not many concrete details about it west world season 4, but at least we can give you some casting news today! According to a new report from Deadline, Lost son actress Aurora Perrineau has signed on for a major recurring role on the HBO sci-fi drama. To no one's surprise, the network doesn't comment much on her character, but the site does note that she will be appearing in at least five episodes. west world is an ambitious show with many effects and movie challenges; with that we imagine that we are still months away from his return. As for what this casting means for Perrineau's future on any potential? Lost son season 3, the operative word in…

Is A Million Little Things New On ABC Tonight? Expectations beginning season 4

Is A million little things new tonight on ABC? With the way these stories have evolved, you may be on the lookout for what's to come. Take for example what will be the consequences for Gary attacking Peter in the final? Meanwhile, many relationships are in flux and there is potential for plenty of new characters. Unfortunately, you'll be waiting a while to see what's next! There is no new episode of A million little things in the air tonight. Last week was the two-hour season 3 finale event, and right now, season 4 is slated to premiere sometime this fall. (A more formal premiere date could come in the coming weeks.) As for the story, it goes without saying…

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