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Space Jam 3: Everything we know so far!

Everything we know so far!

It's probably common for some shows to be renewed within a month or week, but sometimes the renewal can take up to several decades. We've already seen this in the hit movie Top Gun: Maverick and now something similar can be seen on Space Jam Franchise. It took the creators 25 years to actually make the second part of the series and when it came out, the long-awaited viewers seized their chance to admire their old favorite series. When the sequel aired, fans were excited to know about the Space Jam 3. The original Space Jam movie starred the popular Michael Jordan, and after 25 years, LeBron James has taken his place as the lead. The Creators brought the popular…

Navillera Episode 4: release date, watch online and preview

Navillera episode 4 will be airing soon. To date, 2 episodes have been released, which attracts a lot of attention from viewers. Navillera is an ongoing South Korean drama adapted from the web show "Navillera" written by Hun and illustrated by Ji Min. The drama is about the dreams and feelings of two persons who are on the edge. One on the brink of youth, a twenty-three-year-old boy and one who starts in old age, at the age of seventy. The two dream of becoming a ballet, but face different kinds of challenges at the same time. Much is said about the subtle story and the good narration and rendering of the drama. It is already becoming famous and well…

How to watch “Mieruko-chan” Episode 1 online [Spoilers]

How to watch online [Spoilers]

IMPORTANT POINTS Miko starts seeing ghosts and monsters She does her best to ignore them "Mieruko-chan" Episode 1 will air on Sunday The daily life of Miko Yotsuya, an ordinary high school girl, consists of going to school, taking lessons, doing homework and watching horror shows. Her not-so-extraordinary life takes a bizarre turn in "Mieruko-chan" Episode 1 when she begins to see the monsters in real life. The official website has released the spoiler stills and synopsis of "Mieruko-chan" Episode 1. One day, out of nowhere, Miko starts seeing ugly monsters and ghosts that others can't. Miko thinks it's because of all the horror shows she's seen. She thinks she is hallucinating. But the grotesque monsters are real and visible.…

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