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123MKV Link 2021: Download Hollywood, Hindi and South Indian dubbed movies in HD

123MKV is one of the most famous illegal websites streaming movies, web series and documentaries. 123MKV offers a wide variety of movies such as Hollywood movies, Bollywood, South Indian dubbed movies and many more. 123MKV website 2021 You can also download movies in HD quality on this website. The 123MKV website does not ask you for any information nor do they request any form of sign-up to download movies. 123MKV is best known for uploading the latest movies without proper copyrights and without the permission of real owners. 123MKV started in 2018, but it got popular in 2019 when they started uploading South Indian dubbed movies and web series. Everyone loves to watch movies, but not everyone wants to spend…

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Top most viewed games on Twitch in 2021

Over the past decade, the gaming community has continued to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry. From video game developers to end users, everyone is a part of this industry. YouTube was one of the first platforms that really started the gaming community. Gamers/YouTubers posted the clips of those playing the game on the platform and earned the name for themselves. And then came across a special platform for these streamers to showcase their skills live, which was called Twitch. In this article, we would be talking about the most watched game on Twitch. We made this special list just for you. Twitch is an American live streaming service. It mainly focuses on games, but recent developments have led people…

Download Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.32 Update

Download Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.32 Update

The Minecraft 1.17.32 Bedrock update has been released for all devices. It has introduced a handful of fixes that will improve the player's gameplay experience and prevent crashing. One of the major improvements made in this update was that the looting spell is now applied when a mob is killed with a projectile. This is useful because many players use Plunder on their tridents. A detailed list of fixes can be viewed here. Steps to Download Latest Minecraft 1.17.32 Bedrock Update [embed][/embed] Experimental and non-experimental features of Minecraft have had some fixes. It is highly recommended for players to update their game as it will improve their experience. Installing the update is quite easy. Here's how players can update their…

How To Defeat Golden Wolflord In Genshin Impact?

How To Defeat Golden Wolflord In Genshin Impact?

There are many bosses in Genshin Impact. Some are easy to defeat, while some require preparations before confronting them. Golden Wolflord is one of those bosses that require preparations before confronting this flying beast. Who is this Golden Wolflord, and where is it situated? How does one defeat the Golden Wolflord? In this blog, we will discuss in detail about the tips to defeat it Golden Wolflord in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact is an action-adventure gacha inspired video game. miHoYo is releasing Genshin Impact in 2020 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. There are plans for a release on Nintendo Switch at a later date, maybe in quarter 4 of 2022. Genshin Impact follows a traveler…

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