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Co-creators of the MODOK series on why they chose MODOK and which Marvel cameos were not allowed

IGN hosted a watch-along for the first two episodes of the Hulu Original Marvel's MODOK with co-creators Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt, revealing why they chose MODOK as the star of their series, which Marvel cameos they were and were not. . may use, and much more. During our interview from the MODOK watch-along, Blum explained that the great thing about the Marvel universe is that every character has the potential to be a star, even the most obscure. “If you went back a few years ago and you thought, 'Rocket and Groot are going to be two of the most famous superheroes of all time', I would say, 'That's insane !!' I think it's that there is so much…

Will the Red Death appear in Flash Season 7?

Flast is one of the most successful American TV series in the world. The show is based on a DC cartoon character Barry Allen. The ending of season 6 raises a lot of questions for the seventh season of the flash. Wait for the fan, and all his questions ended with his premiered on The CW on March 2. It consists of a total of 18 episodes. In season 7, Barry does everything he can to stop Eva McCulloch and looking for a way to find his missing wife Iris West-Allen. Dark Nights always brings some of the extraordinarily good and unique characters to the DC Universe. They're coming up again, with a new character known as Red Death. Now…

The End of ‘Capone’ Explained: More Than Just a Biography!

The End of ‘Capone’ Explained: More Than Just a Biography!

Tom Hardy actor 'Capone' looks nothing like a gangster lifestyle movie. The film is the real and raw portrayal of the sick old "once-a-gangster" man. Unlike any other criminal-based thriller, there isn't a happy time in the entire movie, except maybe Thanksgiving dinner. There is no such thing as a "cool" or exciting scene, and at times it seemed more of a horror genre than a biography. Plenty of movies have been made about Al Capone, but this one is different; it seems closest to reality. As confused as we were in the middle, the ending also left us in the middle of the road. The famous mobster Al Capone (Tom Hardy) still has his head in the clouds as…

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