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‘Outer Banks’ Season 3: How [Spoiler] Being alive affects mythology

‘Outer Banks’ Season 3: How [Spoiler] Being alive affects mythology

Warning: This post contains a large spoiler from outer benches' Season 2 finale. Just when it seemed outer benches' third season would end on a visual of the Pogues their best life - when stranded - living on a deserted Caribbean beach, the action of the Netflix series moved to Barbados to reveal something many fans had predicted since the show's inception: John B's father, Big John, is alive . Executive producers Jonas Pate and Josh Pate tell TVLine that Big John's resurrection wasn't always certain — not even as recently as when they were planning the season. “We knew we had that card. We didn't know we would play it for sure, but around the sixth or seventh episode,…

Before we watch the third season of Prime Video’s Inside Edge, let’s take a look at the memories from the previous season!

Cricket fever is all set to hit the field again in December as Prime Video's first original is back with its third season. Yes, let's tell you all cricket fans that we are talking about Inside Edge. The public certainly missed the politics, which seem more personal than professional, between the owners and the players and it's safe to say they can't wait for another interesting turn. Produced by Karan Anshuman and directed by Kanishk Verma, this season promises to be bigger with more stakes than ever in this ultimate power game. With only a few weeks to go, here's a recap of 5 things that happened in Season 2. 1) Cricket is the winner in the final, at least…

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 12: release date, plot, synopsis

To all blacklist fans, hold on to your excitement a little longer. The next episode of season 8, the 12th episode, will air soon to calm your horses. We get thirsty to know what to expect. So you can get a little happy because you might get some hints after reading this. In the last episode of the Blacklist, the "Captain Kidd", we saw a somewhat confusing situation. You have to watch one of the friends from the East give orders to Rakitin. In addition, Reddington was looking for hackers or a team to take out Harrold. This is because he couldn't, and he realized that Harold had become a problem that he couldn't ignore. What's in the next installment…

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